Welcome to this month’s edition of the Montauk Fire Department Corner. The arrival of Halloween and the change of seasons are reminders of a few annual safety tips we should all follow for the upcoming winter months.

This is a good time to have your oil burners checked before any real cold winter hits us, and to check your household fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.

I would also like to report about two recent events hosted by the Montauk Fire Department. On Sunday, September 18th we celebrated the 36th year of Montauk Fire Department’s Big Bucks Bonanza. It was a great event on a beautiful Montauk late summer day. As usual we awarded 65 money prizes ranging from $500.00 to $50,000.00. Be sure to send in for the 2017 Big Bucks Bonanza tickets as they are already going fast.


On Saturday, October 22, 2016 a Celebration of the Life of Ex-Fire Chief Craig Tuthill was held at the Montauk Fire House.  All of Craig’s children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were present to witness the community of Montauk getting together for dinner, good fellowship and lots of stories about the patriarch of the Tuthill family. Over 200 people celebrated with the family. It was a heartwarming tribute to a good man who is sorely missed.

MFD4I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. See you next month in the Montauk Sun’s Montauk Fire Department Corner.