Montauk Fire Department Corner

Bucks 5Raffle tickets for the Montauk Fire Department’s Annual Big Bucks Bonanza were, as usual, sold out months ago. Sunday, September 18th was the much anticipated Big Day [also my birthday, which was so kindly announced by Chief Joseph Lenahan]. The flood gates opened at 1 p.m. sharp to let in the Hopefuls and the Hungry for clams, corn, soups, burgers, hot dogs, salad, ice cream and more. At 2 o’clock, the Nancy Atlas Project led the crowd in singing (and standing for) the National Anthem, signaling the start of the Drawings. Congratulations to the following Big Winners!


KATHERINE MORACE                                                      $ 5,000

SALLY MARMENO                                                            $10,000

KEN RUTTER                                                                       $15,000

RUTH KELLEHER                                                                $20,000

BRANDON DE MALDEN                                                 $30,000

MICHAEL SHIMER & ANTHONY DINUZZO                 $50,000

Bucks 2