March Brain Waves with Debra Rose

Breaking up the Monotony

Even if your daily scenery happens to be the beautiful landscape of Montauk, sometimes you just need a change of…scenery.  This last year has kept us closely tied to our homes, forcing new routines while eliminating many others.

We are less structured and have reduced time constraints of having to go somewhere yet our lack of structure can be unnerving.  We have the time to connect with friends and family since we are not running around, and yet we cannot connect with friends and family in the ways we used to.  At the year mark, a “vacation” could mean a break from cooking most of your meals, time away from your house (or more accurately, your chair) and changing the view through the window.

One of the many reasons we travel is to shake up our perspective, to alter our point of view, and to have renewed appreciation of our lives when we return.

A lasting and fun byproduct of traveling is incorporating routines and rituals into our lives that we may have acquired elsewhere.  That morning walk before coffee?  The tea every afternoon? Incorporating certain foods into meals and snacks that we haven’t had before?  There are many ways to continue our vacation memories while building them into our regular lives.

We can all use a little (or a lot) of that at the moment.  What are some of your favorite vacation rituals, and how can you incorporate them into your life right now?