2014 Festival Spotlight

Over the years the Montauk Music Festival has introduced our town to innumerable talented artists. They come from Montauk,East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Huntington, NYC… and all over the US and Canada. Each performer or group has been professional, enthusiasm­ tic, and eager to share their music with us. Showcasing allows artists to have their music heard by many, and affords everyone the oppor­tunity to be introduced to new artists and genre as well.

Alyson Faith
mmfspot Alyson not only came to MTK to perform once again at the 2014 Music Festival, but while she was in town she also volunteered her time at the MTK School with the kindergarten classes. Alyson and Funkytown Playground went into two different K-classes and en­ gaged the children in singing and movement fun. The children loved her enthusiasm and couldn’t get enough of the dancing and singing.

Alyson is currently doing residences at Bait and Hook on Tuesday nights in NYC, monthly performances at Rockwood Music Hall, and working with Brianna Sage and other talented performers. She’s also in the studio working on a new record and continues collabo­rating and writing new songs. Funkytown Playground is working on a TV pilot and performing at The Children’s Museum, Bryant Park, and Albee Square among others. They are a licensed vendor with the NYC Board of Education and are available for schools and parties. alysonfaith.com/Welcome.htmlfunkytownplayground.com

Amy Rose
mmfsot2Joining us from Ontario, Canada, part down-home country girl, part sophisticated musical veteran and “Redneck Diva;’ Amy Rose has evolved from her early years on small-town fair and festival stages, to her recent radio airplay, charting, and awards. With her soaring vocal range and pop country sensibilities she is on a journey to the world stage and beyond.
Amy’s first three singles from her third album, “I just Want You To Know,” “(Redneck Reunion) Party Like A Redneck” and “Sunshine” all achieved international airplay on more than 300 stations, worldwide. In April2013, “I just Want You To Know” reached #9 on the New Music Weekly country chart, while “Party” eclipsed that mark reaching #6 in September 2013, with “Sunshine” topping the NMW chart at #1in Feb­ruary 2014. The video for “Party” also received more than 400,000 youtube views.

Amy Rose is the 2013 International Music and Entertainment Association’s (IMEA) Country Entertainer of the Year. She won the 2013 In­dependent Country Music Association (!CoMA) Award for Emerging Artist, and the 2014 Nashville Universe Award for Best Music Video. Amy is also a 2014 New Music Awards nominee, a 2014 !CoMA Award nominee, and a 2013 Country Music Association of Ontario Award nominee.Following her show stopping performances at the Montauk Music Festival in May, Amy performed at this year’s CMA Festival in Nashville, is getting ready to kick off a radio tour, and on June 19th released her music video for COUNTRY CRAZY

“The release of this video has been a long time coming;’ said Michael Stover of MTS Management Group. “It was filmed in Ontario, Canada in May, and it was edited in Nashville. So, it’s truly a multi-national collaboration. The video captures the excitement of the song, with some great performance shots of Amy and her band. The song’s story of the conservative office worker by day, bar-dancing ‘country crazy’ flirt by night is represented well, with plenty of location shots. I think it’s Amy’s most ambitious music video, to date, and it should do extremely well for her’: She’ll also be performing at the Friendship Festival in Fort Erie, Ontario on June 28th, the Boot Hill jamboree Aug 3rd in Bothwell, On­tario, and the Lindsay Rib Fest in Lindsay, Ontario on Aug 16th, among others. www.amyrosemusic.com