Gosman’s Restaurant…A Montauk Tradition

It was an absolutely perfect July evening in Montauk. The sun was brilliant in the sky and the temperature was as it should be, in the upper 70’s. Sitting at our table facing the water and watching boats leisurely pass by made it feel as if we were part of a moving landscape painting. Each scene was ever changing, and more picturesque than the one before it. Gosman’s Restaurant & Bar is truly a Montauk tradition and one not to be missed with visiting guests and family outings. When we have house guests, the day is not complete without a stroll around the Gosman complex, visiting the shops, boutiques, fish market and of course stopping to eat. Tonight it was dinner at the Gosman Restaurant to enjoy the seafood selections that the Gosman family has become legendary for over the years.

The cover of the menu says it all, as it proudly shows a photo of their earlier establishment, with an old time automobile parked out front. Circa 1950 is noted on the photo and as residents and long time customers know, the Gosman family has worked hard to develop, hone and create a restaurant that demands repeat visitors for the food, view and the relaxed feel of being part of the sea. The evening we arrived families, couples and friends were able to eat either inside or out on the patio area. Crystal clear, sparkling waters and a gentle breeze prompted many guests to opt for the patio area to continue the outdoor feel of the afternoon. Our table by the open, expansive seating area offered the same views and gave a shipboard feeling with the airiness it lent.

Shore-Dinner Tuna-Shashimi

Although the restaurant was having its typical busy evening, our server, Mary, never made us feel rushed or that she did not have time for us. Having worked over 20 years at the restaurant, she was knowledgeable, friendly and more like a friend offering suggestions that she knew were guest favorites. Who could come to eat at Gosman’s without having the celebrated lobster? Having their own boats to catch the lobsters, Gosman’s Restaurant is always assured of the freshest catch Montauk waters have to offer. The top third of a menu page is devoted to lobster selections of all sizes, including jumbo, stuffed, and chilled. My first choice was the 1 _ pound lobster, until Mary pointed out the Shore Dinner on the menu. For only a few dollars more, this specialty included the same size lobster, Yellowtail flounder, a baked clam, corn on the cob and chive crushed potato. I couldn’t resist. Salads listed on the menu offered lobster, shrimp, grilled chicken, assorted seafood, vegetables and garden combos, as lighter fare. My husband had a harder time making a selection as he browsed through the entrees. Seafood reigns as scallops, crabs, shrimp, fluke, tuna and combinations of each were described in a creative array of offerings. Steaks, chicken and various beef entrees are also plentiful as well as children’s specials. The broiled Montauk Point fluke caught his eye and he teased about not catching it himself when he went to the Montauk Point fishing earlier that week. At least now, he could enjoy the elusive fluke that escaped his rod and reel.

Picking our appetizers was easier, with tasty lobster bisque for starters and a cup of clam chowder. Both Manhattan and New England styles are available. A raw bar is available for those guests favoring clams or oysters. With an extensive list of appetizers that included baked stuffed clams, steamed mussels, stuffed mushroom caps, steamers, batter dipped fried calamari, crab cakes and calm casino, to name a few, there was something for every taste. The charred tuna sashimi was picked that night and it was a winner. Blackened, rare tuna slices with pickled cabbage, slaw, wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce gave our taste buds something to rejoice. The jumbo shrimp cocktail was perfect, as each bite into the tender, chilled shrimp was as tasty as expected.

When our entrees were placed before us, I was impressed by the portion size and the presentation. My Shore Dinner was more than I expected and I was thankful my lunch that afternoon had only been a cup of yogurt. I would need the room to make headway on this fantastic dinner! Before tackling a lobster, servers helps guests to fasten on a “lobster bib”. The pleasure of eating a fresh, whole lobster is an experience lobster lovers should enjoy once they come to dine at Gosman’s! So engrossed in the lobster, I almost ignored the Yellowtail flounder that accompanied the meal. Finally I took a bite and was equally delighted by its flakey consistency and the light, delicate sauce used to enhance the flavor. The suggestion to try this special was on target and a wonderful choice. To complement each dinner, there is a full page wine list offering champagne and sparkling wines. Wines from California , Long Island , France , Italy and New Zealand come in both reds and whites, as well as bottled waters. We had ordered a Long Island , Wolffer Estate Chardonnay and New Zealand Pinot Noir, which were an excellent balance for both the appetizers and entrée choices.

Our meal was an unhurried as we ate at a slow pace and simply enjoyed the ambiance of this relaxed, summer evening. Although we had made our way through the dinner and nibbled a bit from the bread basket, I was even surprised myself when I felt I had room for dessert. The selections change regularly, Mary explained and there are specials on most nights. Never turning down chocolate, we rounded off our meal with a warm chocolate, flourless cake, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce artistically drizzled around this creation. After my lobster dinner, the key lime pie, with a huge scoop of raspberry sorbet, was light, yet enough to satisfy my perpetual sweet tooth.

When we left Gosman’s Restaurant, the night was still young and daylight still on our side. A stroll through the grounds and shops after our meal was the perfect cap for a simply delightful evening. As far as “Montauk traditions” go, this is one you should not miss! Come down for the ambiance, come for the spectacular views and Montauk sunsets, but most of all, and come for those Gosman lobsters!

Gosman’s Restaurant & Bar is located on West Lake Drive, Montauk, New York 11954. Their telephone number is 631 668-5330 .