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Dear Montauk Sun Readers,

INVITATION: JOIN US in strengthening the message for the International Day of Peace Celebration (193 UN countries agreed to Peace Day, 1.6 Billion people are aware of the day).
A. PEACE DAY PARTY Friday September 21, 2018. Times Square (Duffy Square 47th/Broadway), 11am, 12 noon TV/Radio Show MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR PEACE WORLDWIDE. Jumbo Billboard. Sizzle Release of our Movie/TV Series Woodstock Forever: Peace, Love and HOPE.
B. VIGIL FOR PEACE & ECOLOGY Sunday September 16th, Central Park, BandShell/72nd Street Traverse, 11am
C. GOOD NEWS & WE 20th ANNIVERSARY PARTY – Wednesday September 12th, 6pm Church of the Village/NYC

Milestone Broadcast Corporation (www.goodnewsplanet.TV) and our Good News Corporation a 501 C 3 nonprofit, has been involved with celebrating Peace Day since 2002. Our message is one of life affirmation and hope. We believe that the people of the world are peaceful and that very few amongst our 8 Billion, unfortunately won’t resolve their difference without violence so far. But today is a new day, the Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow (Annie), as long as we protect Mother Earth, our Animal and Plant Kingdoms and together we can make a difference. All Together Now, All we are Saying is give PEACE A CHANCE! (The Beatles)

Good News would like to thanks our patrons: SaraBeth’s, Dr Kazuko Tatsumura-Hillyer, President, Gaia Holistic Foundation. Alice Liu (American Oriental Arts Foundation), Bluestein Family Foundation, Reid Stowe, Clear Channel, Montauk Sun, Rob Perna/Social Media Webcasting, WebElves, May Peace Prevail on Earth, New York City Parks and Recreation, Friends & Family. We keep adding to this list, please consider a tax deductible contribution, go to: and scroll down to donations and sponsors

For Information on all we do or for participating or helping support our Peace Efforts go to: or email us at or call 212 647 1212.

Good News Motto: All we are is what we are with each other. Zeal