What a crazy spring it’s been for 2018! Thanks to all of the Nor’easters, the rain and clouds, the water temperature is crawling up ever so slowly. Fluke are showing up on the South Side, but the pick has been excruciatingly slow. You get one or two nice sunny days and the Fluke show signs of cooperating, then the wind and clouds come and they slow right back down. The bait came through pretty much on time, with a nice showing of squid in the sound. The squid are still around, but the action has slowed a bit.

Anglers fishing at night with the lights are still picking away when the weather permits. The Fluke are being caught on the South Side, once again, when the weather permits. Best action is during the end of the tide and the first of the next tide. Once the tide starts running hard they have been shutting down.
Some small Striped Bass have showed up around the point, they are always the first to come and the last to leave. Way back west the action is heated up with the Striped Bass so it’s just a matter of time before they arrive here. The past few years we’ve had tons of bait around the point and we expect to see that again. Once the water temperature gets around 54 degrees, things should start looking up! Remember the New York State regulations for Fluke are 4 fish per person at 19 inches and the season is open till September 30th.

Black Sea Bass regulations for 2018 are 3 fish per person at 15 inches. Season opens on June 27th and that limit runs through August 31st. On September 1st the limit goes to 8 per person same 15 inch size limit right through October 31st. Finally November 1st through December 31st the bag limit per person goes to 10 and the length still remains at 15 inches. I can’t repeat this enough, you don’t want to ruin a fun days fishing by getting a hefty fine and all of your fish taken away!!! Any changes to sizes and bag limits will be posted at any of the big Marinas and on line at NYSDEC salt water recreational fishing regulations for 2018.

Memorial Day weekend is the kick off for the season so get out there with the kids and have some fun. If the Fluke are playing hard to get and the kids are getting anxious, take them for Porgy! Instant gratification and a great way to break them in using the Rod and Reel. The Porgy can be found in the shallower water along the South side, Outer Shagwong, Middle Shagwong or just about any hard bottom.
Wishing everyone a great summer, be safe and have fun!!

Tight Lines, Captain Skip