Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip: Winter 2023

Left to right: Releasing a baby white shark, removing the hook; Scott's Giant Tuna; Jim McCummings' Father-Daughter Day!
Commodore Richie’s Commandos

WOW! What a great season 2022 was. Just about all fisheries performed well, with the possible exception of the elusive Fluke. Out here in Montauk they played hard to get at first, but as the water finally warmed up, they cooperated much better.¬†Granted some locations were better than others, depending on the amount of bait fish in those areas. It seems that when the Draggers are catching well in the Sound around June into July when the water is still colder than normal, the Rod & Reel fishing will struggle. Colder water temperatures keep the Fluke sluggish and they’ll stay further offshore longer to be in warmer water. That explains why Outer Cartwright, Rocky Hill, Outer Frisby, Windmills, is where you’ll find them when cooler water temperatures are a factor.

Striped Bass came in with a vengeance and stayed fairly consistent all season. Best part is that the past 2 years we have actually had a fall run. Plenty of action both on the beaches, and from the boats Diamond Jigging, trolling, and live bait. A lot more keeper sized fish showed up this year, which made for good freezer material for over the winter.

Maurice’s Yearly Family Outing

2022 was another banner year for Tuna fishing. Lots of different spots and plenty of action. The best part was that the Yellowfin and school Bluefins came within 30 miles. Towards the end of September into October the Giant Tuna decided to pay us a visit, and it was full on! Hordes of Bunker that had been just off the beaches all summer lured these Big Bluefins in to almost right off the beach. Humpback whales, Finback whales, Porpoise all got in on the action and it was quite the sight to see!

Wrapping up the 2022 season with excellent Black Sea Bass and Tautog (Blackfish) fishing made for a nice finish to the season. 2022 Black Sea Bass size limit went up to 16 inches, but that didn’t seem to matter and they were just about everywhere!

The 2023 Regulations have not yet been posted, but when they do, we’ll let you all know.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday and just want to wish everyone all the very Best for 2023!!