Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip: March 2022

Black Grouper and Mutton Snapper

We start off the 2022 season with a lot colder conditions, snow, heavy winds. Perfect for working in the basement on all your tackle! Or better yet, get out of town and go to Florida!! Wind has been a bit of a nuisance as well as very cold weather. At least when the wind subsides there is some fine fishing to be had. Good thing about Florida is the cold days only last 2-3 days and your right back up to 75 degrees. The Sailfish and Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) action has been good from Ft. Pierce to the Keys. If it’s too rough to get out on the ocean, the inshore bridge fishing and intracoastal tributaries can produce great action from Pompano, Black drum, Snook, Ladyfish, Redfish, and juvenile sharks. Popping plugs, sinking plugs, live finger mullet, will all produce action. Just make sure you check out the regulations for the area you’ll be fishing in. The absolute best part is that you will probably be wearing shorts and a Tee shirt most days!!

Red Grouper

As far as regulations for up here in New York, there are changes that will be put into effect. Unfortunately, nothing has been etched in stone as of yet. Striped Bass Regs. will most likely remain the same. Look for changes in Fluke, Black Sea Bass, & Porgy. On the Federal level, it appears that the Mako Sharks will be getting a 2 year moratorium. No Mako Shark can be boated for the next 2 years. Meanwhile, all up and down the east coast from New England all the way to the Florida Keys sharks are eating anglers catches right off the hooks as they try to reel them in. Since the termination of commercial shark fishing in the United States, the Sandbar, Dusky, Bull, Hammerheads, Silky, Blacktip, and more have proliferated unregulated. Nothing worse than waiting for the Grouper & Snapper season to open up, you finally get out and hook up with a beautiful Red Snapper or Big Grouper then it is bit in half or completely ripped off the hook by a shark. It’s happening in alarming rates lately, something definitely has to be done!!

Well the 2022 Fishing season will be upon us soon enough, hope everyone is having a good winter. I know that I can’t wait to get back out there on the water. Reel, parts, & equipment shipping have been running late, take the time to order your equipment sooner than later, so you get it in time.

We’ll all be out there on the rips not soon enough!! LOL.

~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip