Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip: December 2023

Gary Steven's big Tuna and Dr. Ken's group Blackfish Fun
Curley’s Fluke

Another great season out here in Montauk, truly one of the fishing capitols of the world. Just about every specie we have out here cooperated quite nicely. Granted the Fluke tried to play hard to get at first, and you really had to work for them. Eventually they came around and there were some good action with nice numbers and sizes. Also keep in mind we had a really weird weather pattern this past summer with a lot of easterly wind which we usually don’t have. That easterly wind especially affects the Fluke fishing on the south side, because it’s basically from the complete opposite direction that we are used to, for that time of year! Of course with the easterly wind comes cooler water temperatures, thus slowing the warming process that gets the bait fish migration going, that brings in the bigger fish to feed on them.

The early summer arrival of the Stripers and Bluefish was amazing. It was just like the Fall run with fish blitzing all on the surface. From the Elbow to Town! The sheer numbers of fish was a sight to see. Anglers were diamond jigging catching not only striped Bass and bluefish, but giant pie plate porgy with some big Black Sea Bass in the mix as well. The Black Sea Bass had to be thrown back because the season didn’t open until June 23rd.

Bottom fishing held up all summer, very consistent, with the Fluke taking time out’s now and then, overall there couldn’t be any complaints.

2023 saw great Blackfishing

The offshore scene started with great shark fishing early, Mako sharks had to be released, but some really nice Thresher sharks were caught right in the Bunker schools not very far off the beach! Then the school Bluefin Tuna showed up and just hung out all summer. Best part was they were to be found at numerous spots. Then came the canyon fishery which was with no less action. The 2023 season saw a good number of Swordfish caught. They have made a fantastic comeback and is really good to see. Bigeye, and Yellowfin Tuna were found in good numbers too. To top off your Canyon trip you pull up to the offshore lobster trap bouys and have a blast catching Mahi-Mahi on light tackle spinning equipment!

The 2023 season wrapped up with the normal Blitz off the Point with the striped bass and bluefish, also some of the best Blackfishing in a few years.

Just can’t wait till 2024’s season, can it get any better?

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and want to wish everyone all the best for the Holiday Season.

           ~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip