Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip

Mixed bag of great eating, fun guys!

September 2020

Steve’s family had a blast!

WOW!! What a great fishing season we’re having! Despite all the craziness going on, things always seem to work out for the best. The weather has been for the most part excellent. Yes, we had a couple of blow days, but nothing to complain about. Overall, the inshore and offshore fishing this season should have no complaints. Yes, I know, the Fluke have been a bit of a disappointment, but now that we are on that subject, they have finally showed up! After it seems like almost an endless wait, the elusive Fluke are showing up in various locations. South side, Rocky Hill, Outer Frisby, Gurney’s, Windmills, even in places where you wouldn’t expect them. Granted, they are still the cagey animals that they are, and there’s still no guarantees. Play the tide and wind correctly and you will be rewarded. Remember presentation is all important, cut your bait correctly, no spinning baits!! Keep that rod tip moving, Fluke are aggressive feeders, so take advantage of that instinct.

David Herzog’s monster 6lb. Black Sea Bass

Striped Bass always get finicky once the water temperature gets into the high 60’s, but they are still around for the taking. The Elbow, Great Eastern, Flood tide rip, when the tide is running strong, are still producing fish. Yes, there is no great numbers at this time of the season, but they are not all gone to the eastern regions of Massachusetts and Maine. The warmer water pushes them towards the colder water naturally, but the next upcoming full moon should provide some better action historically. There’s been an abundance of sand eels so the umbrella rigs have been working well, along with the parachutes when the tide is running hard.

Bottom fishing has been nothing short of excellent. Black Sea Bass and Porgy are everywhere. I believe the only way not to catch these delicious fish is to not put a line in the water. They are on every location you could imagine, so go get some dinner, they’re waiting for you!

Johnny Rock had to release this beauty, but enjoyed doing it!

Now the offshore report is off the chart! Shark fishing has been steady, but finally after quite a few years, has now taken a back seat to the tuna fish! School Bluefin tuna and Yellowfin tuna have been hanging around the Ranger wreck area for a consistent time now. Huge schools of baitfish congregated in that area have attracted many whales, porpoise, and along with them come the tuna. Trolling small to medium sized lures has been working well. Diamond jigging has also been very effective.

Further out in the canyons the action has been equally hot. The long missed Longfin Albacore tuna has been making an appearance. These hard fighting longfin tunas are fantastic table fare, and are worth canning for future tuna salads! Bigeye tuna have been available as well. Numerous White and Blue Marlin and Yellowfin tuna have been climbing on bending anglers rods. Overall offshore fishing has been the best it’s been in quite a few years, so get out there!!

If we ever needed a great fishing season, we sure got it now! Still got plenty of season left, so you really don’t want to miss out on this one. Be safe, stay well, be courteous to your fellow boaters, and most of all, bend those rods!!

~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip  •