Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip

The 2020 Fishing season is probably the most anticipated season in history. Meanwhile take advantage of the down time and go through all of your equipment. Do the check list for your boat and take the time to get it right. Preventive maintenance is well worth it, so when you get that weather window while the bite is on, you can jump out there and get in on the action. Nothing worse than having a breakdown or tackle failure when the bite is on!

Just want to take the time and go over the Fishing Regulations for the 2020 season once again. Big change in the Striped Bass Regulations. There is now a slot size for Striped Bass, the bag limit remains the same at one fish per person. The size however will go like this. Fish under 28 inches must be released and Fish over 35 inches must be released. That is your slot sizes. The past few years there has been huge schools of juvenile Striped Bass migrating past Montauk, and that appears to be a healthy sign for the stocks. The down side is that there has been a decline in the mid-range mature fish that we definitely need as breeders. So why select the juveniles and the old Striped Bass for protection, well that’s a great question. Striped Bass re-generate faster than most other fish species. Back in 1986 when the moratorium was enforced for only a year, if I remember correctly, the Striped Bass biomass bounced back. Bag limits and size limits were set. So when I took over the Adios from Capt. Phil Lewis in 2000 it was a bonanza of Striped Bass. Now, 20 years later, numbers have definitely changed.
Fluke, Porgy, and Black Sea Bass regulations will remain the same for the time being. I’m thinking that due to less pressure from the boats not fishing lately because of the soft market, the Fluke numbers may be up there this season. Tons of 16 inch to 18 inch fish last year. Could be a good sign!!
Wishing everyone All the Best for 2020! Stay well & be safe.

Here are a few pictures remembering Capt. Phil Lewis, including 1 of the only 2 Sailfish ever caught off of Montauk

~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip