FISHING MONTAUK with Captain Skip

Finally a break from winter’s relentless grasp! It was like the Nor’easters were never going to quit! Now everyone is scrambling to finish construction projects, landscape projects, Boat refurbishing, etc,etc. May is right around the corner, so the race is on more than ever.

When behind schedule thing can get overlooked and that is not a good thing, especially where boats are concerned!! Safety always comes first, and “cutting corners” is never an option in the boating world. Surrender to the fact that Mother Nature is always in control, all the things will get done that have to get done. Besides, the water temperature is still 44-45 degrees around the point and the south side, so all we’re going do is “Hurry up and Wait!”

Every season people get on the radio and ask what the size and bag limits are for the different species. It’s important to know the regulations before you leave the dock, because if you ask the wrong uninformed person while out fishing, there just might be a violation ticket waiting for you on the dock!

As of right now the bag limit for Black Sea Bass has not been confirmed, the NMFS is looking to impose too small of a bag limit, and the coastal states are fighting back for a more fair limit. I’ve stated in the past that the Black Sea Bass have rebounded back in a huge way, but the stock assessments made by the National Marine Fisheries Service and their affiliates are not always correct. We will keep you posted as soon as we know.

Fluke (summer flounder) season opens May 4th and run through September 30th with a bag limit of 4 fish per angler, length of 19 inches.

Porgy (scup) season opens May 1st through August 31st with a bag limit of 30 fish per angler, length of 9 inches. Then from September 1st through October 31st the bag limit goes to 45 fish per angler, same 9 inch length. Finally on November 1st through December 31st the bag limit goes back to 30 fish per angler, at the same 9 inch length. Striped Bass remain the same at 28 inch minimum, 1 fish per angler.
You can also check with any of the marinas for any updates or changes in the regulations during the season. I know I can’t wait to get back out there after this winter, I’m sure everyone feels the same!! See you all out there soon enough, enjoy, be safe and courteous, and mostly just have fun!!

Tight Lines, Captain Skip