FISHING MONTAUK with Captain Skip…

Well March is here and soon enough it will be time to go fishing again! This winter the water temperature got cold enough for the Codfish, but it seems the Codfish had other plans. They showed up south of Block Island at one of their usual spots for about 4 days and POOF, they were gone. The culprit is most likely the bait! When the bait moves through and keeps going to where they go, the Codfish will follow. The sad part was that the size of the fish that were here was good. An 8-10 pound average was coming over the rails and that was a great sign. Previous years saw a lot of small juvenile fish, it’s just too bad they didn’t hang around a little longer. Fishing Regulations are necessary to ensure the health of the species and protection from over fishing these days, but Mother Nature and the Weather does a pretty darn good job too!!

Speaking of Regulations, we have no news on the upcoming season yet, but we will let everyone know as soon as we find out. Stocks for the past few years sure seem to be on the upswing, hopefully the National Marine Fisheries Service will obtain accurate data to support the observations of the fishing community. Another important topic to be considered is the proposal of the “Offshore Wind Farms”!! They are planning to put many wind generators south of Montauk Point. Gather as much information as possible from all the different sources and form your own opinion. I myself am concerned from the fisherman’s point of view, and am researching as much information as I can, because there will be an impact of some sort!! Both Ecological and Monetary impacts could affect us all here on the east end!!

The weather is starting to let up now and with some of these warmer than normal days it’s a good time to get a jump on those things to do on your boats.

At least go make a list of things to do, so you can have a hassle free summer of fishing, and not fixing!!!!

Hope everyone’s 2018 is going well so far! Please enjoy these winter pictures of some of our locals taking a break from fishing by…going FISHING!!!!!

Tight Lines,
Captain Skip