Cover Photos by Jamie Loeb

by Sue Giustino

The July and August covers of The Montauk Sun were photographs taken by Jamie Loeb. Jamie has been visiting Montauk since the early 60’s fishing with his father on the Peconic Queen. Now he’s living in the Montauk Condominium Trailer Park with his wife Karen spending all summer, as well as most weekends here during the off season. Jamie and Karen have been married 40 years this month and are blessed with two children and three granddaughters.

His love of photographs started in high school and photography has always been a hobby. After retiring from UPS 14 years ago, he finds himself carrying the camera everywhere. “Montauk makes it easy.” Jamie said. He loves the beach, and people watching makes for great photos. “If you enter my home you will see much of my work displayed.” He commented. In addition to giving many of the photos away to the subjects, he’s also put others on canvas and donated some of them to the Rell Sun Surfer Benefit for auction.

In addition to his career with UPS, Jamie has always had a love of baseball, even playing division 1 college baseball. He’s continued to coach until the present, including for two college teams, and has even coached the Montauk Mustangs for 2 seasons.

July Cover: Two of Jamie’s three granddaughters, Cali and Milia, enjoying the sunset. 8 month old Ragen was not present.

August Cover: This bike has been owned by Jamie’s wife Karen since she was 12 years old.