Brain Waves with Debra Rose

As we wait for the powers that be to fix the world, we can start small by looking in the mirror to summon the leader within.  At a time when we are disconnected and intertwined simultaneously, one way to stay positively connected is to give.

A notable observation during this time period is a partial lack of ‘coming together’ the way the world has during other extreme occasions.  Without a more collective mindset, it is up to each of us individually to raise our awareness to find those around us that can use our help.  It has been challenging to volunteer, donate possessions, work in shelters, or to interact in direct contact with others, all ways that ignite a positive response in the brain.

Time is also moving at an unusual pace, some days feeling longer and repetitive, while other weeks and months pass quickly. Having anchors and actions in your schedule that offer consistency and accountability help to keep some thing(s) within your control, when so much around you is not.

Giving also means finding other ways to help, even if it’s to those that do not seem to need anything.  We are also realizing how much we have that we do not need, how lucky we are and may not recognize, and how at times when we feel like we lack, we have a lot more than some others.  Keeping it in perspective and being a part of the community though other events like offering a friend a ride or with a task is giving of yourself and your time.  We are all interconnected, a stark lesson we are learning in this present moment.  Now is the time to exercise empathy and compassion, an overlooked endeavor to pursue in our traditional rituals of everyday life.

Since our brains are sensitive and responsive to emotional events, positive pleasurable chemicals are released in moments of giving and helping, benefitting others and us.  When you do something good for others, you stretch your imagination, build efficiency with your time and maintain motivation to keep helping, no matter how busy our scheudules can be.  Giving is full circle; everyone wins.