Brain Waves Winter 2021 with Debra Rose

Your Health and Your Wealth

“No one who rises before dawn 360 days a year fails to make his family rich.” – Chinese Proverb

We all know the saying that without our health, we have nothing.  And those that have their health are the wealthiest of all.  In additional to philosophically and psychologically making sense, how healthy we are can directly impact our wealth in a number of ways.

Prevention: If you do not make time for wellness, you will have to make time for illness.  Healthy habits do not produce instant rewards and do not feel as glamourous as instant fixes.  If you work out, eat non-processed and whole foods, maintain an adequate sleep schedule, foster healthy social connections, manage your stress and consume enough water, you will save your health and wealth in the long run.  Invest the money now on better quality food, equipment for working out, and stress reduction and build a foundation of wellness for the future.

 Sleep: Of all the healthy habits, sleep is the number one ritual that is the bedrock of longevity and wellness.  Create the routine of getting at least seven hours each night, at regular times each day.  Being refreshed in the morning means a more productive day, reducing your chances for making mistakes, using poor judgment, and being cranky, none of which makes you healthy or wealthier.  The most successful people of all are those that sleep at consistent intervals, for an adequate amount of time, and rise early in the morning.

 Stress: Manage your stress, and save your body, bank account and brain from damage.  Underestimated, chronic and elevated stress will sabotage your metabolism, launch impulse behaviors in the form of spending, eating or drinking, and will zap your immune system.   The last thing anyone needs right now is to become ill, especially when it can be prevented by keeping our stress in check.

Poor habits: Excess smoking, drinking, eating and shopping will deplete your well-being and your back account.  Eliminate what you can and maintain moderation with the rest.  Discipline and a little self-control will build resilience in the long run.

Exercise: When there is blood flow to the brain via exercise, your focus, memory, and overall energy is significantly better.  Besides helping you de-stress and think more creatively, exercise when performed without multitasking keeps us in the “flow state,” and increases the dopamine (feel-good hormone) boost, resulting in a higher state of happiness and confidence.

Nutrition: One of the most important areas we can control in a world that is out of control is our nourishment.  Reducing sugar, processed food, and increasing fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein, keeps us healthy in the long run and staves off the risks of diseases and obesity.  When one is sick, one gravitates to the healthier choices of fresh foods, soups, and wholesome choices.  Why not start now and save yourself from the pain later?

Your return on your investment in you means a better quality of life, and that is something money cannot simply buy.