Beauty Tips by Britt

by Brittanty Cabrera

Sun – Care Warriors

There is nothing better than a sun-filled summer day in Montauk! I love the sun, but I do not love what it does to my skin and hair. Brown spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and brittle hair are just a few unpleasant side effects. You can definitely enjoy the beach and outdoor activities while protecting your skin and hair from damaging UVA/UVB rays and by using products that reverse sun damage. SPF has made its way into many fantastic products that deserve a spot in your beach bag and skin care routine this August.

Brighten Organically: My struggle with hyperpigmentation and brown spots is amplified during the summer months. I have been eager to find an organic skincare brand that would address my needs without the use of chemicals and ingredients that may be toxic for my body. Sweetsation Therapy is a brand that was created by a beauty insider who suddenly became concerned about the ingredients in her products when she became pregnant. I am currently using her “C’Perfect Skin Organic Foaming Face Cleanser” and “Lumiessence Advanced Brightening Repair Treatment,” in an effort to even out my skin tone organically. The brightening treatment contains Kojic Acid (to lighten brown spots), Alpha-Arbuton (from cranberry and blueberry leaves which is a skin-lightening agent), papaya and pineapple extracts (provide exfoliation and help reduce the size of dark spots), Vitamin C, and more. As with any skin brightening product, always wear an SPF 30 or higher in combination with treatments. Visit to browse products.

Color Correct & Protect: If you have browsed the makeup aisle at the drugstore or your visited your favorite makeup counter recently, you most likely have come across different version of “CC” creams. “CC” stands for color-correction and care. These CC creams are meant to even out skin tone. I recently discovered “Super CC” by Physicians Formula, a bargain-buy CC cream with SPF 30 that happens to be Oxybenzone free. If you haven’t heard about Oxybenzone, it is a toxic ingredient found in many SPF products, which can lead to disruption with the endocrine system and is absorbed quickly by the body. After reading up on the ingredient, I sorted through my SPF products (many from well-known and expensive brands) and discarded several of them! Check your product labels and choose brands that contain zinc oxide minus the Oxybenzone for safe sun protection.

Go 2-for-1 with SPF: Lighten up your beach bag with the dual purpose “Sunscreen Care Oil Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 30” by mega beauty brand Clarins. This spray-on dry oil works to shield skin and hair from harmful rays. Spray before swimming to protect your skin and hair from the drying effects of salt water and chlorine. The water and sweat-resistant formula makes it the perfect product to spritz before your outdoor summer run or workout session! Visit to purchase.