At The Senior Nutrition Center…Christmas in February

by Patria Baradi Pacis

Patria Baradi Pacis

After being closed for more than a month since December 21, 2021, due to Covid mandates and not being able to hold the annual Christmas lunch, I am happy to report that the Senior Nutrition Center, reopened on Monday, February 7, 2022 to start the new year.  Executive Director, Therese Jarmain and Santa Claus kept their promise and agreed to celebrate the Holiday Lunch Extravaganza, on Thursday, February 17. The room was lovingly, decorated by Ms.  Jarmain, with strings of red, hearts, that hanged from the ceiling.

Together with Ms. Jarmain’s culinary prowess and the newly, hired, cook, Don Mendelson, the young at hearts, were served, on fine china and silverware: pumpkin soup, Standing Prime Rib Roast, baby asparagus, mashed potatoes with gravy, and biscuits. For dessert, a scrumptious to-die-for, peach-blueberry cobbler and coffee or tea. All raised their cups, in unison, for a happier and a healthier, year.

Executive Director Therese Jarmain and Santa’s Helper.

This year, there were no seniors born in January. Instead, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Ms. Jarmain, ordered, miniature vanilla and chocolate cupcakes from our own local, Catherine Ecker-Flanagan’s Sweet Gabriel’s Cupcakes. What made the lunch more special was Montauk’s IGA Supermarket’s surprise delivery of dozens of pink and red rose bouquets for each senior to take home.  After lunch, Bingo was called by Bill Schmidt, echoed by Fran Carroll and all were winners.

If you are 60 and over and would like to join this energetic group and make new friends, eat a well-balanced meal, for the price of $3.00, kindly contact Ms. Jarmain at least 24 hours in advance at 631 668 1023 or e-mail her at The center is open Monday through Friday, from 11:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m. Other activities offered are: Yoga on Mondays and Fridays at 10:45 a.m. by Ms. Tsuyumi, Balance and Wellness on Tuesdays at 1:00p.m. by Nurse Margaret. There is also Bingo on Thursdays and Mahjong on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. Dominoes, playing cards, used books and magazines are also available. At the present time transportation is provided on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only.

Happy Spring! Hope to see you at St. Patrick’s Parade in Montauk on Sunday, March 27. Life is Good!