At The Senior Nutrition Center

Ruth Rutkowski (left) and Marianne Menonna (right)

by Patria Baradi Pacis

January Birthdays

January birthdays were celebrated by Marianne Menonna and Ruth Rutkowski. The group enjoyed a new menu prepared by Chef Luke consisting of stuffed chicken, scalloped potatoes and green beans including hot rolls, soup and salad, followed by the monthly birthday cake. It was a hit! Marianne, you were missed.

Due to many seniors who go back to their second homes for warmer weather to avoid the winters in Montauk, the Senior Nutrition Center has a smaller group in attendance for lunch. The good news is that the weekly activities of chair yoga given by Tsuyumi, meditation by Lydia, Tai-Chi and Wellness talks by Margaret are still very much in force. Those who stay year round, also enjoy daily games of bingo, dominoes and cards before or after a well balanced meal.

If you are 60 years old and over and would like to join this happy and energetic group, kindly contact Executive Director Sharon Sennefelder at 631 668 1023 or e-mail her at Transportation will be provided for those who need it.

Rest In Peace Marianne Menonna

Marianne Charlotte Menonna was a special lady. She was one of a kind. She was beautiful inside and out. She did not mixed words. She said what she meant and meant what she said. She was very independent, born ahead of her time. She loved life.

Marianne was very active in the community. She was a member of the Women’s Guild who held the Montauk Community Church Rummage Sale every Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day. She worked hard at the women’s department and helped me a lot while shopping.

I first met Marianne in the late 90’s at Montauk’s Senior Nutrition Center where I brought my then 88 year old mom for lunch. She and Mom sat next to each other and talked about everything and anything. They giggled like a couple of teen age school girls as if there was no tomorrow. They became good friends.

In June 2010, Marianne and three car loads from Montauk were among the 150 guests who celebrated my mom’s 100th birthday. It meant a lot to my family knowing the venue was a four hour car ride, round trip. In return, we visited her at her beautiful, trailer part in West Palm Beach, Florida during the winter and kept in touch with each other through phone calls and letters.

After mom passed away, I considered Marianne as my second mom. I loved her big smile and her positive outlook on life in spite of the hardships she experienced during her younger days. She was a great story teller. She talked about World War II in 1945, and how she and her family fled from her birthplace Prussia, now known as Poland, in order to escape the Russian army. They left all their worldly possessions behind and travelled to Germany by boat with just the clothes on their back. She was a survivor.

When Marianne returned to Montauk permanently four years ago, I was happy because I got to see her more often. She lived with her daughter Christine and son-in-law Herb, formerly owners of Herb’s Market where she worked many years before her retirement. She was a great cook. The couple provided a nice comfortable place of her own for her. She loved her family and her family loved her. She was especially proud of her two granddaughters and four great-grandchildren who fondly called her Omi, meaning granny in German.

Marianne died peacefully on February 10. She was 98 years old this past January 6. Born to Karl and Maria Kluike, her brother Hans and sister Karla predeceased her. Our hearts go out to her family during this difficult time.