At The Montauk Senior Nutrition Center

Richard Sexauer and JoAnn Valcich


by Patria Baradi Pacis

February Birthdays

I’ve always wondered what day one actually celebrated ones birthday if one was born during a leap year on February 29th. I asked Larry, a friend of mine and he said: “Sometimes I celebrate my birthday on the 28th and if I forget then the next day, March 1 and sometimes just every four years.” “That’s nice because when you turn 100 years old, technically you are only 25.” I replied with a smile.

February birthday celebrants are Richard Sexauer and JoAnn Valcich. It was a beautiful, sunny but still chilly day. One can’t complain, because compared to other cities having lots of snow, Montauk is in good shape. So far we only had one snow day to speak of, but as they say, “The day is young.”
Happy Birthday Richard and JoAnn. May you have many, many more to come!

NOTE: Montauk’s Nutrition Center has been temporarily closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 or Corona Virus Pandemic. Let’s hope and pray that it won’t be long before we’ll see each other again so we can play cards, dominoes, bingo and resume our yoga and meditation exercises after a lunch. At least spring is finally here and we can watch the daffodils and tulips grow. Take care everyone.

Montauk Seniors aged 60 and over may contact Executive Director Sharon Sennefelder at 631-668-1023 and leave a message or e-mail her at .

For further information, kindly contact the Department of Human Services in the town of East Hampton at 631-329-6939 prompt #2 and speak to Director Diane Patrizio or leave a message. Services such as transportation to doctors, delivery of meals, shopping for groceries or picking up prescriptions may be arranged for those in need.