Advertising…Don’t Waste Opportunities!

by Evelyn J. Mocbeichel

When we drive on any highway, like the Long Island Expressway, I’ve come to observe scores of trucks along our route. As my husband drives, I comment about the passing vehicles, especially the lettering on many of the large trucks. What I notice is a wasted opportunity to advertise the truck’s product or business because of lack of wording on the sides of the trucks. Often the verbage is so plain that it does not describe the business at all. Simple wording like the examples I am making up are similar to what I’ve seen. “Smith’s Fine Products Delivered to your doorstep” tells nothing about what products they deliver. How about another vague wording like “We carry the supplies you need to improve your lifestyle”.  Are they referring to interior, exterior, garden supplies, medical supplies or something electronic? Then I saw one saying “Walker Transportation you can depend on!” Is this a refrigeration truck that can deliver dairy products, office supplies or household appliances? Nothing was clearly defined in this wording. Since these trucks are traveling on major highways and often into communities, this is a missed opportunity to spread the word about their product or service. On the positive side there were many trucks or vans that had pictures on both sides showing the products and distinct wording if it were a service they offered. One company proclaimed they were wizards in repairing and installing dryer vents and had pictures of dryer vent equipment all over the van. Most often trucks delivering food had photos of luscious fruits, delicious pastries or bottles of juices with just the right amount of frosty look to the bottles to be appealing. What I also think is vital, especially for food deliveries, that the trucks or van be immaculately clean and in good condition to be more appealing to customers.

Newspaper ads: Most of us read at least one or two newspapers a week along with The Montauk Sun and turn to each for specific reasons. A local newspaper is one we rely on for the latest world news, community news, activities hosted by local civic organizations, special parades or concerts, town meetings and what is going on in the school districts. What I think is also a great resource found in the Montauk Sun besides interesting articles is the advertising it provides about the businesses in our town and nearby communities. What stores are having special sales, what restaurants are offering new dining experiences, what fishing boats are available, or what service are offered to help with something we may need around the house. A friend of mine that owns a preschool commented on how she finds both newspaper advertising and word of mouth are the best sources for new enrollments. She heard from many parents over the years that they would see her school advertised in the newspaper and then when they heard the school mentioned on the playground in positive comments, it was familiar. The mothers related that seeing the name in print in a newspaper advertisement and hearing from word of mouth reinforced that it was a school worth visiting to learn more.

Neighborhood businesses: We all like our community to be vibrant, economically strong and a friendly place to live. By supporting local businesses we can insure that these businesses continue to serve us with what we need and like. We also know that most business owners donate items and services when asked by civic organizations. For me, personally, I try to visit several different businesses each week in my town that I may not have been to yet or visited for a while. Advertising works and there is nothing like picking up The Montauk Sun and finding out about the businesses, restaurants, hotels and services in town have to offer!