A Charming Breakfast “Hideaway”……just waiting to be discovered at the Diamond Cove Marina

Frieda and Skip’s Hideaway isn’t just an amazing location for fresh, authentic Mexican food, barbeque, or seafood lunch and dinners, they provide a unique breakfast that can’t be beat! Offering a vast menu of traditional Mexican and American breakfast dishes 7 days a week, the Hideaway is a perfect spot for a quiet breakfast overlooking the water.  In addition to traditional eggs, omelets and breakfast meats, diners have wonderful Mexican breakfast treats to choose from. As Frieda explained, traditional Mexican foods are not intended to be spicy and greasy, it’s intended to be full of flavor, and the spice is added to suit individual tastes. “Pairing peppers and sauce, is like pairing wine with dinner.” commented Frieda.

FredaFor our breakfast we tried some authentic Mexican favorites. The Huevos Rancheros which is two eggs over easy served atop lightly pan-fried corn tortillas and smothered with either spicy or mild sauce and accompanied by refried beans; pinto beans for breakfast, although they are prepared in the same tasty way the lunch and dinner refried black beans are. As my brother Dan commented, “It’s a delicious combination of egg and tortilla, and the beans drove it home!”

IMG_4155The Chilaquiles can be eaten traditionally or as Frieda’s mom used to prepare it special for her. Traditionally, the strips of pan fried tortillas are soaked in a mild or spicy sauce and topped with scrambled eggs, crema and queso fresco, while Frieda’s style eliminates the sauce. I absolutely loved the traditional Chilaquiles, it was such an unbelievable blend of flavors that I’m not sure I’ll be able to eat plain scrambled eggs ever again.  The delightful Breakfast Burrito wraps two eggs with avocado, Cheddar & Jack cheeses in a flour tortilla [or two corn tortillas] and served with a side of Pico De Gallo, Beans, and Home Fries.  Manchaca con Huevos incorporates Skip’s Beef Brisket with scrambled eggs and is served with warm corn tortillas. This dish is from the State of Sonora where the use dried beef; Frieda uses Skips because they make everything here and its most like the dried beef of that area. The flavor is delicious, and of course you add the sauce to please your taste, from mild to hot.

Every breakfast eaters taste’s can be accommodated just as with their lunch and dinner choices. Frieda and Skip have developed a unique menu which highlights traditional Mexican flavors yet incorporates a lovely variety of seafood and bbq choices to satisfy all diners.

All of the meats, St. Louis Style Ribs, Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, and Chicken are all slowed cooked and bursting with flavor. While the Steamed Seafood choices; shrimp, steamers, mussels, and an unbelievable combination platter- offer the freshest tastes from the sea. From mozzarella sticks, Nacho’s, hamburgers, fish and chips, Tacos, Burritos, and Quesadillas to fresh Guacamole, Mango Black Bean Corn Salsa, Mexican Corn (like you’ve never had and will become addicted to), Enchilada Verdes, and Alambres, and the not to be missed special home-made Mole Sauce which is often part of their nightly specials… there’s certainly something for everyone at the Hideaway.

TapsSeating is in or outdoors, as well as along the removable windows with a view of the marina. At the bar, Bartender Sushil will spoil you with one of her special margaritas. In addition, the bar offers 8 beers on tap, and a long list of bottled beer, red or white Sangria, 120 tequila’s-‘on a good day’-, and special tequila cocktails including the Skinny Pina, Bloddy Maria’s, and the Guanabano Paloma.

The casual atmosphere should not be mistaken for your run of the mill Mexican fair; everything on the menu is the highest quality and the sauces range from very hot to mild as to accommodate all palates.

Owner and operators, Frieda and Skip operate a finely tuned kitchen and do all of the cooking in house. Frieda incorporates the traditional Mexican secrets from her family, while Skip is the master of the barbeque and seafood delights. It may be hidden away, but it’s a treasure worth seeking.

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Located at the Diamond Cove Marina: 364 West Lake Dr., Montauk