Compassionate Committee Committed to the Cause

Bill Becker and Joe Gaviola, both members of the Montauk Historical Society, decided to host a 5K at the Montauk Point Lighthouse. Both men’s families were recently touched by cancer so, they decided to choose a local cancer charity as the beneficiary. Becker’s daughter, Dawn Moore was helped by The Coalition for Women’s Cancers (CWC) financially and emotionally through her breast cancer journey. After her recovery, like so many others, Moore joined the CWC volunteers, wanting to give back. “That’s what this community is all about,” remarked Susie Roden, President of the CWC.

The CWC and Lucia’s Angels, sister organizations, were then chosen to be the beneficiaries and soon thereafter, the committee was formed. Members include: Joe Gaviola, The Montauk Point Lighthouse Keeper; Bill Becker, a Montauk businessman; Susie Roden, President of the CWC; Stacy Quarty, President of Lucia’s Angels; Moira Sabo, VP of Lucia’s Angels; Wendy Scheerer; VP of the CWC; Jessica Webb, Treasurer of Lucia’s Angels and the CWC; Patricia D’Angelo, board member of Lucia’s Angels and the CWC; Jason Walter of the Montauk Point Lighthouse; and Vicki Ventura of Event Power.

Over the months leading up to the inaugural Beacon of Hope 5K, the committee got to know each other quite well and found they had a shared passion for helping others in need. After the 2022 5K, Gaviola was approached by a woman who said her late mother-in-law was so grateful for the help. Lucia’s Angels had paid her property tax and saved the family a lot of grief. “That was a very emotional moment for me,” Gaviola explained, “It was very heartwarming. I teared up and felt such a deep connection to this cause.”

Numerous others in the community also feel a deep connection to the cause and many local businesses have already pledged sponsorships for the upcoming 5K.

At the commencement of the 2022 5K, Quarty said to Gaviola, “This event was like a first date for us all. Will the Beacon of Hope be supporting another charity next year or are we getting married?”
“As far as I see it, we’re already married,” Gaviola exclaimed.

The 2023 Beacon of Hope 5K will take place at the Montauk Point Lighthouse on Saturday, June 17th and will honor Dr. Lois Avvento, a compassionate oncologist with New York Blood and Cancer who has been a long-time supporter of Lucia’s Angels and the Coalition.

The course will traverse through the Historic Camp Hero State Park and finish right alongside the magnificent Montauk Lighthouse Tower. To sign up, visit: www.BeaconOfHope5k.org