Surfing with Debra Rose

Fall Surfing in Montauk – Hot or Not?

Debra Rose

Surfers seek waves as a source of peace, excitement and joy. And though we all have tricks and strategies to maximize our return on time spent in the surf, there is one method, simple yet oft-overlooked, that is a sure-fire way to enjoy your session. According to Charlie T., formally of Amagansett and occasional Montauk surfer, the strategy is simple; surf with Hot People. We caught up with Charlie on a recent summer jaunt to Montauk to find out how to implement these tips. “Best of all, Montauk is full of Hot People,” according to Charlie.

Performance: No matter your level, its likely your surf session is directly correlated to your performance. Since no one wants to look stupid in front of a Hot Person, a great way to stay on point in the waves is to make sure you are surfing with Hot People in close proximity.

Blocking: It is a well known fact that people-watching is one of the few past times more universally popular than surfing. It’s practically a National sport in France. What is less well-known is that you can leverage this reality to get more waves. That’s right! A Hot Person in the line-up can win you scores of open waves by offering an effective means to distract the more hard-core surfers who take all the good waves.

Comfort: Surfing is fun but hypothermia is a real threat. Anyone spending hours in the ocean braving the elements of a ripping nor’easter to drop-in on a swell hailing from thousands of miles south can be in danger. Surfing with a Hot Person close by to keep you warm is a far more preferable alternative to the conventional (and unhygienic) wetsuit method of keeping warm in the line-up.

According to Charlie, if you want to get the most out of your next surf session, his advice is to surf with a Hot Person. “Maybe you will find yourself at one of the places where Hot People hang out around Montauk as a reward for your efforts.”