Senior Nutrition Center Celebrations

by Patria Baradi Pacis

On Friday, August 31, there was a double celebration held at the Senior Nutrition Center. The first was for the seniors born in the month of August who celebrated their natal day with their friends and family: Lucille Malouche, Thomas Butler, Anthony Corvi, Judith Tergis, Anna Shvedowsky, Alan (Buddy) Burke, Marcia Richer and Anita Peel, to whom “Happy Birthday” was sung.

The second celebration honored the Montauk nonagenarians: Lucille Malouche, Marianne Menonna, Anna Shvedowsky, Edna Neuer, Detlev Zimmerman, Teresa Harrington, Rosalind Baiardi, Marcia Richer, Evelyn Walles, Eugene Beckwith, Josephine Kenny, Gloria Leber, Marjorie Lewis, Maurice Bronstein, John Knight and Martha Nicholoulias, to whom “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” was sung.

Montauk is blessed to have so many young at heart seniors who are loved by the community and who are recognized and appreciated for their contribution to society. Seldom does one see a group of happy and active seniors who really enjoy each others company in spite of any health issues they may have. I am sure that some of the credit is due to the delicious and well balanced meals served and the many activities offered to them before and after lunch.

A special shout out goes to volunteer Nolda Vivo, an expert in arts and crafts, who went all out in making double posters, one for the August babies and one for the over 90’s with bracelet corsages made out of balloons for the celebrants to wear. When asked for the secret of their longevity, many were happy to supply Ms. Vivo with words of wisdom such as “Keep moving” , ” Keep busy”, ” It takes hard work, time and a little bit of luck”, ” God is good to me”, “Always be good to your children”, “Think before you speak and be happy after you’ve said it”, “Stay healthy” and “Watching the New York Yankees.”

A big thanks to Executive Director Eileen Bock who was missed, the staff, volunteers, generous donations received from fund raising and especially the grants from the Town of East Hampton for without them, Montauk’s Senior Center could not exist.

For more info, kindly check call 631 668 1023 from Monday to Friday or their website Happy Birthday August Babies and Congratulations to the Nonagenarians!