Easy Breeze Cruises…

Photo by James Katsipis

Ferry Boat Turned Montauk’s Premier Booze Cruise!

by Sue Giustino  

This impressive 80’ boat offers a perfect opportunity to see Montauk from a different perspective: while hosting a party, taking a short daytime or evening cruise around Montauk, enjoying a little time to soak up the sun, and sharing a happy hour or viewing one of Montauk’s perfect sunsets with friends. We were fortunate to join the team and their guests for their first excursion during the Blessing of the Fleet. They were the perfect hosts and we had a great time!

Steve Houston and Captain JR (James Robert) Gibson recently purchased this ferry/tour boat, brought it here from South Carolina, and did some upgrades and renovations; creating a wonderfully spacious and comfortable cruising boat. Along with Steve’s wife Meghan Franzetti– Office Manager, his brother Briggs– Bar Manager, and Ed the bartender, they’ve arranged an exciting list of cruises offered throughout the day, as well as a few special events.

Steve came to Montauk thirteen years ago to work weekends on the Viking for his dads’ cousins-the Forsbergs. After the first weekend, he went home, broke up with his girlfriend, packed his bags, came back to Montauk, and never left. This is where he met his wife Meghan and is raising their two adorable children. The Viking Fleet is also where he met his good friend JR.

JR is from Point Lookout and has been on the water as a boatman/fisherman almost since birth. He got his Captains license in his early twenties, and has navigated the waters of the East Coast from New York to Florida ever since.

With the invaluable experience they received from their years at the Viking, Steve and JR decided to venture out on their own; so, they went boat shopping. Looking for a boat to use as a unique non-fishing experience, they discovered this beauty that was build in the Great Lakes. It had been used by a ferry company in DC, and eventually it converted to a tour boat and even a post-COVID floating office.

If you’re looking for a private event space, you can charter the entire boat. It has a fully enclosed indoor bar, and an outdoor bar on the upper deck, perfect for any occasion and helps with varied weather conditions.  In order to tailor the trip to your cruising needs, the bar can be customized and local catering is also available. In addition to beer and wine, the bars will be offering a list of creative cocktails including:  The Shark Bite featuring Titos vodka and Candied Anchor gummy sharks, a Jeng Paloma with CBD infused Jeng and tequila, Lavendar Sunset with Empress Gin, the Fog Horn and Beach Tea Palmer with Rum, and the BBQ Margarita with Casa Del Sol Reposado Tequila. Keeping ‘local’ businesses in mind, they have connected with the Candied Anchor for snacks and the ‘Shark Attack’ drink special, as well as M&R Deli and others for catering options.

Easy Breeze Cruises will be offering a special July 4th sunset cruise, normally from 7-9pm, it will extend until 10pm- Offering a unique view of the fireworks from Fort Pond Bay.

Starting in July, they’ll be cruising 7days a week. Be sure to check the website for excursion details, hours, and rates. For all cruises, unless a private charter, all passengers must be 21 or older. For more information and details see the website, or call (631) 644-1125.