April Poetry

Poetry Corner with Larry Spiro

TIME by Lawrence Spiro

The presence of endless time and space
was an act of kindness and of grace.

For all those who doubt the truth today
try focus on time from first to stay.

Question and understand why the when
I will take from naught to now to then.

No guess I know with certitude
it can’t be touched with finger or mood.

It does not flip but is presupposed
to the linear time now composed.

Simultaneity is a mime
In mind perceived but declined by time.

There are those who declare and deny
and will question the creation why.

Shackled to the senses and reveal
all that is unconfirmed is not real.

They call time a depository
of bland dream and a finished story.

They point and say beginning to end
There is only birth and the descend.

Time has no departure tacit clear.
It has no effect but to be here.


Poetry for Meri

LAST STOP by Don Intonato

You are the end of the day.
The last train out of the city.
You are the long ride home.
The last stop.
You are the other side.
The across the street.
You are the around the corner.
The top of the stairs.

You are the door that opens.
The clothes on the chair.
You are the bed in the darkness.
The blanket pulled up to the chin.

My whole life,
I have been trying to reach you.