Tom Wardle’s “Jacqueline” Released 🎶

Tom Wardle

by Evelyn J. Mocbeichel

Catching up with English singer, song writer and guitarist Tom Wardle is no easy feat these days. Originally hailing from Nottingham, England he has been performing for a living for 11 years now. Over the winter he resided in the Turks and Caicos performing and also traveled to Los Angeles continuing his busy schedule showcasing his music. However, Tom’s exciting announcement now is that his new record, Jacqueline, came out in February and he’s thrilled by the positive feedback of this beautiful, song with the richness of his guitar and his soulful lyrics. According to Tom, it was released on a five track EP on all digital download platforms, also called The Jacqueline EP.  Rolling Stone Magazine named it their “Song You Need To Know”, which was huge coverage for Tom. Listening to Tom singing and the softness of this song, his velvety, soothing voice has a Rod Stewart comparable sound to it, yet is uniquely his own.

I had asked Tom if there was a real Jacqueline that inspired the song or did he just pick the name for its rhythmic allure? “Yes, there was a real Jacqueline and the song is about when he first moved to Hollywood in 2017 after spending his first summer in the Hamptons”, he replied. “His life was changing and he woke up one morning at Jacqueline’s house, came outside and looked up to see the famous Hollywood sign up in the hills.” Tom said” it was his own reflection on how far he’d come and that he was moving on from things, his recent heartache, his uncertainty of where to go in America after receiving his visa. It was about having nothing and feeling hopeful, and also feeling grateful for some good people that helped him along the way, and Jacqueline was one of those, in a small way,” Tom explained.

Back on the east coast now, Tom has a full schedule of appearances that will begin in the Hamptons in May and throughout the summer, with over 50 gigs booked from Westhampton to Montauk! In Montauk he’ll be playing a weekly residency at the Gigshack, as well as regular gigs at Lynn’s Hula Hut. He will be appearing every Tuesday night at Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor, as well as events at Dune Deck Club in Westhampton.  He’ll also be doing special gigs at the Bridgehampton Inn on May 23rd, June 27th, July 25th, and August 22nd, so you can catch him there or the other venues mentioned above. Come out and see Tom again at any of these places, or for the first time if you missed him last summer. You can listen to his new song, Jacqueline on You Tube at the following website:   For more information about Tom Wardle and his Hampton and Montauk appearances visit his new website at or follow him on all social media @tomwardlemusic.