So Hanukah is here and Christmas is right around the corner…

So Hanukah is here and Christmas is right around the corner…Gifts are on the minds of many. What to get? How to get it to them?  What does anyone really need? Want? Wish for?

Well, this year may be the perfect time to give less to the ones we love while at the same time giving a whole lot more.

There are so many people suffering this year as a consequence of the covid virus:  illnesses, deaths, loneliness, no job opportunities… and it reaches into the far corners of our society and community.   However, there are also many ways that we can help- if even just a little bit!

Here’s an idea. How about limiting or forgoing our gift exchanges and making a charitable donation?

Numerous charitable groups have been stretched to the limits while going above and beyond helping those in need. Pick your favorite, and then make a donation in your gift recipient’s name.

 Right here in Montauk, we have a great opportunity to help people in our community. The Montauk Food Pantry has increased their distribution at least threefold since covid began. The volunteers work hard gathering supplies, boxing them up, and organizing and distributing the pick-up on a bi-weekly basis.

I spoke with the director Alice Houseknecht, and she said the best way to donate this season is by purchasing a $25 IGA Gift Card or by writing a check and mailing it to:

Montauk Food Pantry-PO Box 997-Montauk, NY 11954


A donation can be placed in an envelope marked ‘Montauk Food Pantry’ and hand-delivered to the desk at St Therese School (9:00-3:00 Mondays through Fridays until December 22nd) at:

St Therese Parish Center- 67 S Essex Street- Montauk

These cards will be given to recipients when they distribute their Christmas groceries on December 22nd.