“Joe & Klyph’s Excellent Jam” at TAUK @ Trails End

by Sue Giustino

Got the Monday Blues?  Well, after months of advertising a Monday night music event “Joe & Klyph’s Excellent Jam” – at TAUK @ Trails End, we finally remembered to give it a try. Knowing that Joe and Klyph are talented, we truly expected it to be great. Yet, sitting at the bar, enjoying some drinks and dinner, [The BBQ ribs, kale Cesar salad with grilled shrimp, and the crab stuffed fish special were splendid.] we were entertained beyond our expectations. Dare I compare the vibe to a Manhattan club Jam Session with multiple musicians stopping in and joining for a song or two, or five…

Each Monday music aficionados, along with some lucky uninformed dinner guests, have been gathering to see a variety of the East End’s favorite musicians show up to jam with Joe Delia, Klyph Black, Greg McMullen, and James Benard.  It’s a chance for the rock ’n roll, jazz, reggae, and blues people to play different genres, unrehearsed, with colleagues they don’t usually play alongside. The talent is exceptional, and the performances epic.

It’s a been a real dancing, rocking, listening respite each week at Tauk, to see/hear, who/what happens next. The night we were there, Joe, Klyph and James were joined by a minimum of five other musicians. Some of the artists that have jumped in include Mama Lee, Brad Penuel, Winston Irie, Johnny Blood, Lynn Blue, PJ Delia, Sarah Conway, Chris Ripley, Steve Tekulsky, Josh LeClerc, Denny McDermott, Andrew Winthrop, William Lucey, Annie Trezza, Job Potter, Brad Beyer, Dalton Portella, Jim Lawler, Jeff Levitt, Bruce Beyer, Joe Haines, Kat Chaffin, Dave Portocarrero, Nan French, Doug Broder, Jed Feldman, John Cooper, Betsy Bambrick, and more.

PJ Delia sums it up like this “Montauk, East Hampton Township, and Suffolk County are blessed to have a really generous population of musical talents. The Joe & Klyph Excellent Jams (‘JAKE Jams’) entices them out of their own houses to play together with others, where they inspire and surprise each other.  There have been some epic moments.”

For a magical evening of music, you won’t soon forget, check out “Montauk’s worst kept secret – Joe & Klyph’s Excellent Jam – every Monday, 7-10pm at Tauk @ Trails End, 63 S. Euclid Ave., Montauk.  No Cover.  Food and Drink.