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Dear Montauk Friends,

What Does Peace Mean to YOU?
Good News was honored to produce:
The Peace Day Party (Woodstock Forever: Peace, Love & HOPE Trailer Premier) in Times Square on 9/21 Was a Major Success Worldwide. Go to: to see our LIVE Broadcast. Please Join Us Next Year and Watch for our World Water Day Concert in March.

FOR Information: Contact: Paul Sladkus, 212 647 1212
All the 193 countries of the UN unanimously agreed to a Day of Peace. McKinsey & Co. state that there are 1.6 Billion people aware.

Peace Day Party Show Details: Schools all over the world participated and we will include them in our final broadcast on www.goodnewsplanet.Tv and 40/20 Foot Stage 46th off 7th Ave. with Hugg a Planets, 197 Flags of the World from May Peace Prevail on Earth, Reid Stowe World’s Greatest Sailor Peace Art, Vid San Doz Peace Sign, Peace Lights, Barat Foundation Art.

Our Show Lineup was:

10:15 SuPaulo dulcimer during set up, calming affect
10:30 Al Smith Medley of Songs Wilson Picket and more, Aretha Franklin Medley with Lori Nebo
11:00 PEACE VIGIL PER CESSION. Then Reverend Paul Sladkus shares Claire Diab International Yoga Teacher, Deepak Chopra Centers Meditation and Grounding
11:10 Kristen Hoffman and Kaeshi Chai Original Dance & Music
11:20 Russell Daisey & Choir Tower of Light, Stand Up for Peace
11:30 Marlene Dietrich performed by Cindy Marinangel sings, Where Have all the Flowers Gone
11:38 Proclamations & Tributes – Manhattan Borough President Brewer, Brooklyn Borough President Adams, Former UN Secretary- General Kofi Annan Tribute, New York Governor Cuomo invited and NY Mayor Bill de Blasio invited, All Fallen Soldiers & Civilians from WAR & VIOLENCE (WAR & VIOLENCE PLEASE BE OVER – Create PEACE & HARMONY)
11:40 JOIN THE PEACE CIRCLE EVERYONE, Senthia McLeod Dancers PERFORM ON STAGE AND IN THE PEACE CIRCLE, everyone joins in at the circle with Senthia/DANCE
11:50 PEOPLE CONTINUE GETTING INTO THE CIRCLE. Major Carter. Song. Stop The Violence at Home, Work, School And Play
11:55 Paul Sladkus Set up Movie & Moment of Silence, EXPLAIN THE CIRCLE. with Juma Sultan – Jimmy Hendrix Drummer & Children of Woodstock who performed in 1989 20th Anniversary Times Square Woodstock Next Generation
12:00 – 12:01 Moment of Silence and
12:02 – 12:06 Woodstock Forever: Peace, Love & HOPE Movie trailer Billboard above McDonalds and Moment of Silence
12:06 Tori Feinstein Broadways Matilda Performing Taking Wing…. BULLYING
12:10 Elisa Brown Performs “Wiggle Your Toes” from NEW WORLD CE – Campaign Against Drugs
12:15 NYNW Debra Cook & McKinslee Mitchell, 6, “The Good Fight Hallelujah,” from Jilted to Perfection, A MorMom’s Love. Audience participation and NYNW community comes on stage
12:20 Seqway into Its a Small World, One Love – Marley, What a Wonderful World/Armstorng, Do, Re, MI, Audience’s Participation Sing and Dance, Peace Parrots, Whole Times Square to Sing. Plus, Peace Kites. Shiang-Jiun Chen Children’s Peace Kite Project”.
12:37 Shiang-Jiun Chen Children’s Peace Kite Project”.
12:40 Giorgia Fumanti Sharing International Award Winning Opera
12:50 Spanish Group Inma Heredia – Flamenco and Song
1:00 Legendary Intruders- Cowboys & Girls, I Love My Moma
1:15 – 2:00 DANCE & SING ALONG


Sly and the Family Stone – Everyday People
Aretha Franklin – Respect
Bruno Mars – Count on Me
Beatles – All You Need is Love
Kat Stevens – Peace Train
Dionne Warwick – What the World Needs Now
Jackie DeShannon – Put a Little Love in Your Heart
Edwin Starr – War
Billy Joel – Goodnight Saigon
Lionel Richie – All Night Long
Richie Havens – Here Comes the Sun

Thanks to Joel Bluestein Foundation, Sarabeth, Dr. Kazuko Gaia Holistic, American Oriental Arts Foundation, Hugg a Planet, Vigil for Peace, WE, the World, Planet Heart, Good News and Peace Day Crew, Friends and Family.

Good News Corporation, a humanitarian non-profit, est. 2002, CREATES THE LARGEST HUMAN PEACE SIGNS in Times Square. Participants sing/dance/Hugg-A-Planets/ Proclamations Unveiling of Reid Stowe’s Peace Day Party Environmental Art Creation from the man who is the record breaking sailor who lived at sea for 1,152 days with his girlfriend Sonya Ahmad who became pregnant with their son leaving Schooner Anne at 305 days, celebrity entertainment to be announced shortly and at 12 noon conduct a MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR PEACE. We will watch the premiere trailer for Woodstock Forever: Peace, Love & HOPE Movie, which includes 20th Anniversary of Woodstock with Richie Havens and a group from Woodstock/ Bethel celebrating the Anniversary, which we taped at Times Square/Duffy Square in 1989 on a Lunar Eclipse Day. We will show the trailer on the large Clear Channel BILLBOARD above McDonald’s in Times Square. To see what we are planning for Woodstock Forever: Peace, Love & HOPE, go to:

Here is the link to the 2017 billboard video:

Participants in the video are: Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Michael Douglas, Dr Jane Goodall, Dr. Mahmet Oz, Ed Asner, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Leonardo DiCaprio, Stevie Wonder, Shikira singing Imagine, World Peace Orchestra, Broadway Show Annie, American Oriental Art Foundation/Alice Liu Manjushree Orphanage/Dr. Kazuko, SaraBeth Corporation, to name a few.