Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip: October 2022

The Tuna are back!
Kelly Seaman’s Striped Bass

The 2022 season has been anything but a disappointment! Especially in the Tuna department. Last year saw a marked improvement in recent years, but this year actually had good consistency. All along the Canyon Edge, earlier they were to the east at Hydrographers canyon, they kept moving west all along the “edge.” There was so much bait for them to feed on everywhere, they eventually moved inshore to within 16-20 miles from shore.

Mako Shark stealing Striped Bass off the line!

Along with the School Bluefin & Yellowfin there were plenty of Mahi-Mahi to be had. One welcome sight was the return of the “sand eels” offshore. These little 6-8″ worm looking baitfish are a Tuna’s delight. Another species that loves them are the Finback & Humpback whales. If you come across the whales surrounded by hordes of Shearwaters (Sea Birds), you’ll know they’re feeding. The Tunas will not be far away! As the birds grab the baitfish that are forced to the surface by the whales, the Tuna lay underneath eating the baitfish that escape below. Blue Marlin were actually pesky for the anglers fishing for Tuna. They put up quite a fight to the delight of many anglers, but not good table fare. Another great fish that comes around in the summer offshore is the Wahoo. They’re the fastest fish in the ocean, that’s how they got their name! The run they make when their hooked is blistering, and the anglers would scream out “WAHOO”. LOL.

Sal Zatkowski’s big Tuna

Back inshore the Striped Bass have held up pretty good all summer. When the water warmed up around Montauk Point they headed east towards the cooler water. The Race was producing nice sized slot fish as well as Block Island. Very important: when fishing over by Block Island you have to be inside of 3 miles, you will get a citation if you are targeting Striped Bass or possessing Striped Bass in what the Fed’s call the EEZ zone!

Once again the Fluke have gone into hiding, but some days they show up again. It’s been a battle for the most part, but if you find an area with bait and the tide is right, you can still pick up some nice fish.
Porgy & Black Sea Bass have been off the charts. They’re just about everywhere & really fill the void when the Fluke are misbehaving. Anywhere you can find some good structure on the bottom, you should have action. Be patient, take the time to look around, and you will be rewarded.

Still have plenty of season left, even though the weather isn’t perfect every day like it has been all summer. When the nice days come around don’t miss out!

~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip  •