Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip: August 2023

It’s always a good time with Perry’s family! Tuna are biting!

It’s an action packed 2023 season that started in May, and it just seems to be getting better! Inshore and Offshore it doesn’t matter, both are going off.

Striped Bass and Bluefish have been providing great action that started in May. There was some of the best Diamond Jig action around the point that we’ve had in years. Fall run scenarios, with thousands of Striped Bass & Bluefish popping all over the surface chasing the sand eels that came through in droves!

New Slot Bass Regs. don’t come easy!

It was quite the sight to see. So we have to ask, why did the NYSDEC (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) move the Striped Bass Slot Limit from 28 inches to 35 inches to 28 inches to 31 inches? As a lifelong professional fisherman I can honestly attest to the fact that we are actually doing more damage to these fish by trying to stay within the new slot limit. For example, on one of my fishing trips we released 7 Striped Bass that were all within the original slot limit and we would have been done with the Striped Bass and gone on to something else. Every fish released was between 32-35 inches!! Granted they all swam away strongly and unhurt, other than, they still had a hole in their mouth that has to heal up. So is this a better scenario?

One Striped Bass per Angler is more than enough meat to bring home, and frankly the majority of my customers only take what they can utilize and we go do something else. There’s plenty of other charter boats encouraging the same practice, because we like protecting our resource for future seasons, it’s important for our future business. I provided a QR code to scan, please scan the code and simply follow the instructions. It’ll take a matter of seconds!

Some good news, the Fluke have woken up and are starting to cooperate. Cartwright, Frisbee, Rocky Hill, and down the beach on the south side has all come to life. Remember, wind direction and tide direction is all important. So set up your drift accordingly for the best presentation.
The Offshore report is excellent! Tuna are here and biting. Yellowfins, School Bluefins, all to be found in many different locations. South of Block Island, The Ridge, Fairway bouy, Canyons of course, wherever you find a good temperature break. Doesn’t seem to matter, great to see the numbers of fish are back up! Keep in mind the Mako Sharks are off limits for this season, the moratorium is still in effect.

As always, safety first! Don’t let the excitement of going fishing cause you to neglect proper maintenance of your boat and gear!

          ~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip