Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip

July 2021

Fishing is going off right now! The Fluke finally showed up, and there’s been some good action in numerous spots. Cartwright, Rocky Hill, Frisby, both inner and outer, South side ahead of the Elbow. Even the North Rips showing signs of life, and a great spot to try when the wind is blowing too hard out of the Southwest. Black Sea Bass opened on the 23rd of June, the State Regulations are still the same as last year, 3 fish at 15” till August 31st. The Black Sea Bass can be found on any sort of rock pile from the lighthouse to Block Island.

Striped Bass have shown up early this year along with various sized Bluefish. Trolling under the light, Elbow, Greateastern, and Pollack Rip are great spots to do so. Keep in mind that when using live bait that circle hooks must be used. I noticed that the sand eels have showed up, so thats good news for all those live baiters. 2021 regulations demand use of circle hooks for live baiting or dead baiting for Striped bass. Dead bait examples are clams, bunker chunking and mackeral chunking. The Coast Guard has been out everyday enforcing this new regulation, you dont want to ruin a fun day fishing trip by getting a nice ticket, ignorance is no excuse.

The sharks have started to show up in all the regular spots, but still staying off the shore for the most part. On another note with some even more exciting news, there are a few different spots to go tuna fishing now, rather than going 60-80 miles of shore. Some of the locations are, Coinbra, The Ranger, CIA, possiblly 6&8, and east side of Cox’s. All these spots have been producing school Bluefin Tuna up to 80-100lbs. Spreader bars have been working the best to get the bites.

I just want to take a moment to thank the Montauk Fire Department and all the first responders for their excellent assistance in my time of need. I may not have been able to have written this article if not for their professionalism.

~ Tight Lines, Captain Skip