Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip

Nothing but good news to report this issue! The Big Striped Bass have finally showed up and although, it’s not a non-stop bonanza, the action and size can’t be beat, when the bite is on! Trolling parachute jigs, live eels, even diamond jigging is producing. Under the light, the Elbow, Pollack rip, Great Eastern all producing fish when the tide is right. This past Full Moon really amped up the action, it’s looking like the August moon will be a great one as well, judging by the amount of fish around. The Fluke fishing really kicked into high gear the past three weeks. Frisby, Rocky Hill, South of the Elbow, Cartwright, Midway and North Rips, just about everywhere! If you want to start the kids out Fluke fishing take them to Jones’ (on the north side just opposite the refreshment stand). Jones’ and the Treasure Holes are loaded with Fluke, mostly juvenile fish, but great action for the young beginners and great practice with almost instant gratification.

Black Sea Bass are just like last year, with one exception, the size limit went up 1″ (bag limit 3 fish through August 31st) (8 fish Sept.- Oct) (10 fish Nov-Dec) . The great news is that there is no problem catching Sea Bass 15″ or better this year! They are everywhere, just like last year!!

Porgy are everywhere and are almost a nuisance, when trying to target Fluke and Black Sea Bass. Never thought I’d be writing that!!

Shark fishing is still consistent with plenty of action from the Blue Sharks and still keeper Makos around too. The ButterfishHole is a good area to work. Schoolie Bluefin Tuna have also been present in that area. Just look for the Birds, Whales, and Porpoise. Lots of life showing out there.

The offshore canyons are starting to come to life, Veatch’s Canyon being the first to produce. As more warm water eddies spin off the Gulfstream and drift west, Atlantis and the Fish Tails will come to life too.

So now you have the info, so get out there and be part of the all-around fishery, we are gifted to have here, off Montauk!!

Tight Lines,

Captain Skip