by Sue Giustino

Until the restrictions are lifted, many of our Montauk
Restaurants are providing take-out and/or delivery service!

Montauk welcomes many visitors each season- from about May-September. Although, more and more people with homes or available rentals come out throughout the off season as well. Recently, with the spread of coronavirus, we have seen an early return of many of our seasonal visitors.

With the virus guidelines many of our full-time Montauk Residents are suffering financially. We had to cancel the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, are canceling the Montauk Music Festival, these events usually provide a much needed beginning to the season. In addition, this is the time of year that the Restaurants, bars, and hotels usually gear up and begin opening for the season. Unfortunately the few places that stay open all or most of the off season have had to cut or eliminate staff who depend on their salaries to sustain their family situations. The restaurants are losing revenue, but yet they continue to persevere with offerings of take-out and delivery options. However, most of them are not getting enough business to be able to stay open.

Yes, everyone stocked up on supplies and are bringing out the recipes, learning to cook, and even cooking as a family. But now is the time to also support our restaurants! Many of our seasonal families are living here now to escape the city- well let’s all do our part and try something new. Venture to a restaurant for take-out: John’s Pancakes offering an array pancakes and breakfast or lunch treats, maybe the Lobster Mac-n-Cheese or the New Family Style Meals from Shagwong, the Lobster Grilled Cheese or famous Beachin’ Baked Clams from the Lobster House, an order of Wings and a Sandwich or Burger from The Point, from Muse maybe an order of Mussels A La Muse or an Apple Butter Pork Chop, BBQ Spare Ribs or Lobster Pasta from Tauk at Trails End, at Harvest, their Calamari Salad or one of their fresh grilled pizzas are always good choices, Sammy’s one and only Lobster Burger or one of a variety of creative Fresh Salads, Montauk Circle Bistro offers Craft and Plant Based Burgers or maybe a special Pasta of the Day, daily specials like the Friday Shell Steak or Saturday Prime Rib night are still available for take-out from the Sail Inn, while the Inlet’s Scallops and Fish Tacos or Burrito are not to be missed. These are just a few of the many dishes that I enjoy, but the options are endless. Many are offering specials as well; check out their menus here in the paper or on their website – then give them a call.

DURING THIS TRYING TIME, OUR COMMUNITY IS ONCE AGAIN DOING WHAT IT CAN TO SUPPORT ITS CITIZENS. We’ve seen and heard accounts of fishermen giving out fish, volunteers helping senior citizens who can’t attend the senior center now, restaurant owners keeping as much staff as possible, neighbors shopping for senior … It’s what happens here, People Help People!
It sounds great that fishermen are handing out fish- which they would do at this time, but the actuality of the situation is that due to the plummeting demand from restaurants, they can’t sell their catch, which ultimately hurts the bottom line. Fishermen, crew, waiters/waitresses, bus boys/girls, bartenders, hostesses, dishwashers, store clerks, owners, delivery truck drivers … the list goes on and on. All the way down the line the very people who provide the much needed services throughout the season, as well as off season, are now hurting.

SO LET’S ALL TRY TO DO OUR PART! I know I’m ready to have the cooking done for me. Being home for three meals a day is unusual. We’re used to eating on the run, at work, out with family and friends. For now however, that has stopped and as we anxiously await returning to our normal routines, explore the many food options available right here in Montauk.