Moloney Celtic Tours…

by Sue Giustino

…Travel like a Local

Eighteen fun-loving women, + one funny, knowledgeable and patient Irish bus driver/ guide, + one Irish born enthusiastic coordinator + one week in Ireland = laughs, fun, and amazing experiences.

September 2023 Patrick Moloney boarded a bus from Montauk heading to JFK with a group of ladies ready for an Ireland adventure. Golf, Pubs, Horseback Riding, Castles, Shopping, and an abundance of talking, laughing, singing and eating. I’m happy to report that both Patrick and our bus driver Keith Boyd not only survived, but also enjoyed themselves. (Albeit probably not as much as we did!)

I was on the trip along with five of my Montauk golfing friends and twelve others including friends of friends, sisters, and cousins- all hard-working ladies looking for a relaxing and adventure filled get-away. Answering our pleas for a lady’s golf excursion, Patrick organized just such a trip; taking care of all the arrangements, payment schedules, connection information, reservations, and he even got all eighteen of us everywhere we needed to be -on time.

Arriving at JFK in record time from Montauk, gave us ample opportunity to relax and enjoy a few cocktails in readiness for our long trip- during which we needed to get some sleep. Landing at 8:40 am, there would be no time for napping- Keith was there to pick us up and begin our journey with a light breakfast and tour of The National Stud and Japanese Gardens in Kildare.

From there, we toured the Kilkenny Castle and enjoyed a lovely first nights sleep at the Lyrath Estate hotel. Each hotel was beautiful and accommodating, we even spent our last night in the 5-star Dromoland Castle with beautiful grounds, a lake, a full luxury spa, an 18 hole golf course, and exquisite gourmet food.

Horse Riding on beautiful horses from The Mountain View Stables was one of the highlights of the trip for many of us.

Our guide, Peter, was entertaining and informative. The ride through the 600 acre forest offered us tremendous views of the Western Ireland Country side including: the Cliffs of Moher- which we hiked earlier in the day, and the Aron Islands.

Our golf arrangement at Fota Island Golf Course was rained out, but Patrick and Keith were right on it and booked us a tour at the Jameson Distillery.

However, despite it being a bit damp, we did get to golf during our stay in Killarney at the Beaufort Golf Club. A few sturdy souls even got in a round at Dromoland Golf Club despite the wet weather.

Both Killarney- [filled with shopping and pubs, like J.M. Reidy], and Galway City- [which we traveled to via the Shannon Ferry], were filled with historical sites and gardens, great food and drink, and local talented musicians entertaining us with many traditional Irish tunes including our theme song of the week- “Take Me Home Country Roads” Eighteen very happy ladies- Priceless!

“A magical wonderful lady’s trip to Ireland!  It was the best of the best!  The ladies, the accommodations, the food, the laughs – all such great memories!   Bravo Patrick on putting together an amazing trip!”  -Phyllis Lomitola

Malony Celtic Tours has been guiding groups throughout Ireland and Scotland since 2008.     – In April of 2024, they will be heading to England for the first time. There is also an upcoming Men’s golf tour- scan here for information. In addition, Moloney tours anticipates expanding its reach to additional countries in the near future.

Moloney Celtic Tours emerged from the love of an Irishman and his country. Patrick Moloney, President and founder, was born and raised in Dungarvan CO Waterford and lived there until 1983 when he immigrated to the US. Patrick has a vast pride in the history and deep knowledge of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. “Moloney Celtic Tours are fully independent, and each tour is designed around our customer’s desires and wishes, and can be tailored to meet the needs of any sized group, their tastes, and budgets. We rely on only top vendors to ensure the very best variety and quality and to create a truly unique experience.”

Each tour includes a friendly knowledgeable guide or driver. The president, Patrick Moloney, accompanies all tours to ensure a carefree and exciting trip chock filled with just the right mix of tours, amazing meals, wonderful accommodations, and lots of fun- right down to beverages and snacks on the bus! Patrick is keenly attentive to every detail of each trip and strives to ensure that every traveler has the time of their life. This attention to detail is what makes Moloney Celtic Tours stand out above the rest. Travel like a local!

“I just returned from a Ladies’ Golf trip to Ireland. Patrick Moloney planned each and every amazing detail and we had a blast! This was my 4th trip with Patrick and I will be going to London with him in April. Moloney Celtic Tours creates an informative, fun, relaxing atmosphere. Everything is top notch and the people he attracts are wonderful.” – Cathy Mc Guire