Honoring Navy Seals

The weather could not have been more perfect for the fundraiser cocktail party held to honor th e U.S. Navy Seals and support the Navy Seal Foundation. Under brilliant, sunny skies close to 175 guests attended to thank the Seals for their duty and dedication to our country. Appropriately held on Navy Beach, the cocktail party site was at the picturesque spot in front of Navy Beach Restaurant that supplied the food and beverages. During the two hour cocktail party live music was performed by Nancy Atlas Project while guests mingled, enjoyed plenty of delectable hors d’oeuvres and drinks at an open bar. The best part of this event is that the modest ticket cost was benefitting a most worthy cause.

Visitors to Montauk may not know that back in 1943 the Navy occupied Montauk, with a base that held quarters and dormitories. It was a torpedo testing range for the war effort. Right before the end of the war in 1945 the base was dismantled and the sailors stationed there left. What does the acronym SEALS stand for? During President Kennedy’s administration, back in 1962, he established this elite maritime military force for high impact missions. The letters stand for sea, air and land and have become known for its exemplary forces and missions that demonstrate their bravery and skills. Master of Ceremonies, Larry Kelly, remarked that Navy Seals are as Mr. Garofalo easily looked fifteen years younger than his age, still physically fit and every bit military, as Mr. Kelly also pointed out to the audience. Also in attendance was Navy Chief Petty Officer Tom Buda who was part of the festivities.

The purpose of this fundraiser was to help raise awareness and funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation that provides the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community with the confidence and comfort that their family will be taken care of while on active duty and in the days after a tragedy and in the years to follow. More focus has been in tl1e news over the last few years about the Navy SEALS and their heroics, made more pub­lic by the outstanding and brave mission accomplished by SEAL team six and their mission overseas. The Navy SEAL Foundation helps to augment and supplement Navy and Veteran Affairs programs to provide financial support for education, mental health support, and family counseling support and tragedy assistance. While Americans may go about their daily lives, working, playing, vacationing and spending time with their families and friends, we should never forget tl10se warriors that silently and honorably serve our country that we may enjoy the freedoms we have before us.

For information about this foundation visit navvsea/foundation.org or facebook.com/NavySEA/foundation

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