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Dear Good News & Peace Friends,

Our company, Milestone Broadcast Corporation (MBC) is delighted to announce that we are commencing our HISTORIC survey; Peace, Love & HOPE Research Study 2019. Your participation in this project will be greatly appreciated. We believe this brief survey will help humanity when we share the results with the world. MBC has been a leader in research for niche markets since 1988.

If you want, please share your email as you will receive a personalized certificate of appreciation. You will also be invited to join in Good News and Peace Day events.

Please cut out this survey and send it to us by March 29th or go to the link and fill it out at:

Please send your survey to: Paul Sladkus (For questions or to volunteer call 212 647 1212). 148 West 80th Street, Garden Suite, New York, NY 10024

Milestone Broadcast Corporation Presents: Peace, Love & HOPE Research Study 2019
Name – Optional
Email Address – Optional, needed to receive a Certificate of Appreciation and be invited to more opportunities to join events.
Please circle your answers.
Gender: Male Female Intersex
A. 22 years or under
B. 23 – 38
C. 39 – 45
D. 46 – 65
E. 66 and over

A. American Indian or Alaska Native
B. Asian
C. Black or African American
D. Native Hawaiian or the Pacific Islander
E. Hispanic/Latino
F. White
G. Other

A. High School
B. College
C. Post College
D. Other

Let’s explore the meaning of Peace, Love & HOPE and what they mean to you.
Ratings: 1, 2,3,4,5: Most important equals, 5 least important equals 1.

How do you feel about Peace? Number 1-5
1. Inner Peace
2. World Peace
3. Peace among neighbors
4. Peace among humans and the animal kingdom
5. Peace with nature
6. Peace within our family

How do you feel about Love? Number 1-5
1. Love for self
2. Love for partner
3. Love for family
4. Love of neighbors
5. Love for World Peace
6. Love for country
7. Love for the animal kingdom
8. Love of nature

How do you feel about HOPE? Number 1-5
1. HOPE for a good life
2. HOPE for future generations
3. HOPE for good health
4. HOPE for our family
5. HOPE for Humanity
6. HOPE for the animal kingdom
7. HOPE for nature

Which name is most memorable?

Please circle answers to the following questions.
1, Do you know about the Woodstock 1969 Concert? Yes or No
If yes,
A. Do you associate Woodstock 1969 with the term Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll? Yes or No
B. Do you associate Woodstock 1969 with the term Peace, Love and HOPE? Yes or No
2. Would you be interested in learning more about Peace, Love & HOPE as expressed by participants at the Woodstock 1969 Concert and todays modern cultural icons? Yes or No
If yes,
A. Would you be inclined to watch a movie expressing these themes? Yes or No
3. Do you think we will ever see a world in total Peace, Love & HOPE? Yes or No

Here is our rough cut link with some of the highlight for our documentary feature film/TV series as of 2/27/19: .

Thank you for your participation in our survey. If you have provided your email address, you will soon receive your Certificate of Appreciation.

With Peace, Love & HOPE,
                Reverend Paul Sladkus and the Good News & Peace Team.