From Our Cover…

by Sue Giustino

Montauk resident artist, musician, photographer, clothes designer, and surfer Dalton Portella is an artist who has evolved over the years utilizing numerous mediums, styles and genre. Presently his band, The Bastards of Boom, perform mostly his own original pieces which are a combination of Brazilian, Hard Rock, and Middle Eastern styles. When creating his art, Dalton connects or layers multiple elements. He is inspired by the places he’s been as well as his emotions; and through his art he wants to provoke thought and emotion in the viewer.

Dalton is one of Montauk’s hidden treasures and we were fortunate to have yet another one of his creations on the cover this month. His use of emotion is apparent with this shot of his lovely daughter as the focal point of the delightful Montauk winter wonderland. It provokes feelings of family, nature, innocence and pureness of heart; very apropos for reflection on the true meaning of the holiday season upon us.