Fishing Montauk with Captain Skip: September 2022

Emily's Giant Fluke
Boris & Son Ethan: 8-18-22

Fast and Furious season this year! So much going on now, you have to decide what species you’re going for that day. Fluke were slow coming due to cooler water temperatures, but they came in like gangbusters! All up and down the south side, Frisby, Outer Frisby, Rockyhill, Cartwright, Windmills, Rips to the North. Anglers were catching limits finally, and they were thrilled. Now at the time of press things have simmered down a bit with the Fluke.

This is not unusual after the Full Moon. The “backside” of the moon tides get weaker and after the big feed during the 3-4 days prior and up to the Full Moon, things naturally quiet down with the weak tides. Fluke are aggressive feeders when the tides are weaker try to position your drift so you have
the wind with the tide. You’ll drift faster that way and that’s what the Fluke like!

Jack’s Birthday Striped Bass: 8-19-22

The Black Sea Bass have been providing great action in between Fluke bites. They have made such a great come back the past ten plus years, it’s great to see. You can find them just about anywhere there is rock and structure. Even though the size limit went to 16 inches, it’s still not a problem. That’s fantastic, because when the Fluking is slow, there’s plenty of Black Sea Bass action to fill the void.

The Shark fishery has really slowed down, not because there’s no sharks, but the moratorium for 2 years on the Mako sharks has reduced interest. No Mako sharks can be taken for the next 2 years. This is a Federal law, you get caught, big trouble!!

Tony’s Monster 50 Pounder: 8-13-22

Thankfully the Tuna have taken up the slack offshore. All along the Canyon’s edge there are Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, hoards of Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Longfin Albacore. Similar to last year, the action is a welcome sight, providing plenty of fine table fare and smiling faces. Spreader bars have been red hot along with the usual go to jet heads and the lure-bait combo. All in all, not many complaints coming from the Tuna department!

Very important! Keep in mind that the Black Sea Bass quota per person goes to 6 per person, on September 1st, not 7 inches as it’s been in the past. Size limit remains the same at 16 inches.

For the most part the weather has been great, so get out there and have some fun catching your supper!!

~ Tight Lines, Capt. Skip