Poetry Corner with Larry Spiro


This poem, written in the Terza Rima format, is about the unprecedented challenge we are all facing now. Covid -19 is a global concern that is knocking on everyone’s door. I, however, turned my home into a sanctuary where I am at peace as I have opened my house, heart and mind to the creative dwelling of my spirit. Here is where I am safe.

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(Lawrence Spiro 3/2020)

At dawn it greets me far from home
denied It rages at the door
feigns and vows to leave me alone.

Whence when the winds blow but ignore
that which travels from you to you
at first hid but quakes more and more.

Wraithlike ghostly first to the few
My door is closed the outside dim
But inside there is something new.

Something always there to begin
but ignored before in living
when taught tight life appeared a whim.

The sanctuary receiving
I am at peace slow calm and ease
With quiet time all forgiving.

Opaque fear and pain shrink and leaves
I have learned pray to love myself
While It rales outside inside frees

I have learned pray to love myself.