Poetry Corner with Larry Spiro

May 2021

The Bird Feeder

This is the story of a robin, blue jay, cardinal, crow, a little chickadee, dove, and a little black squirrel.

One bright, beautiful, sunny, spring morning, the robin, bluebird, cardinal, and little chickadee were set to enjoy a sumptuous meal of seeds, oats, and nuts from my recently filled bursting bird feeder. The dove, who was a little out of shape and the squirrel who could not reach the perch 5 feet high waited patiently on the grass below noshing on seed and nuts that fell to the ground. Not much, however, made it to their eager mouths. The blue jay, the robin and the cardinal were busily pecking through the holes of the feeder but were very stingy and let little fall. Only the little chickadee let the fair fall to the dove and the little black squirrel but, like the chickadee, it was a small portion. The dove and the little black squirrel were hungry, so the determined squirrel climbed the skinny pole of the bird feeder three times only to slide slowly down every time. The little squirrel gave up and blinked at the morning sun. The dove chased the little chickadee away but was too fat and out of shape to stay on the perch. Dejected, the dove flew onto a tree branch and looked around but mostly at the feeder. The little chickadee flew back onto the perch and pecked at the delicious seeds but, not for long. The crows flew in, flapped their wings, and chased all the birds. The robin, blue jay, cardinal, dove, the little chickadee, and the black squirrel were not happy. The little chickadee was very observant and saw that the crows struggled to stay on the perch and eat at the same time. The little chickadee had enough! It sang a song, and 3 more relatives flew in. They began to sit on the perch just long enough for the crows to flap their wings and chase them, but the crows tired quickly. First one crow coasted to the ground totally exhausted and then 3 more joined the first tired crow. The perches were empty! The blue jay, cardinal and the robin flew back to the feeder but learned their lesson. They were having a sumptuous meal and happily shared with the dove and the squirrel. That, however, is not the end of this story! The crows now tired and hungry took turns on the ground and dined with the dove and the squirrel. One very savvy crow stood on top of the bird feeder and shook it so all could enjoy the beautiful day.

True story.