BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS…with Sue Giustino

…October 2021…

As a Montauk year-round resident, like so many, I look forward to the off-season. However. as the long winter winds down, I am always eager for the summer season to begin. It reminds me of when I raised my children. As a teacher, by May I usually couldn’t wait for summer break: time to spend with my kids and sharing all the fun times summer on LI has to offer.  Yet, by about August 20th, I was ready. Ready to get back to my school routine, my classroom and new class, as well as having my own children continue their educational journey.

Like the seasons, there’s a time for everything.

So, as we approach the quieter fall/winter seasons, I thought it would be a great time to share ideas, thoughts, and suggestions about our own reading enjoyment.

In each issue of The Montauk Sun, I will have a book and/or author highlighted. However, I also welcome submissions from readers. So, if you have an author/book to recommend I’d love to hear about it. Please e-mail your ideas to  Do a short review and I’ll add it to the column. If not, I’ll just share some of my favorites.


Author of the Month- Lauren Rico

Lauren Rico

Long Island resident Lauren Rico, is an Award-Winning author as well as one of the top classical music broadcasters in the country. For two decades, Lauren has been able to combine her love of music with her passion for public radio. A longtime student of the French horn, Lauren holds a master’s degree from George Mason University, and is an award-winning classical music radio host and producer. You can tune in to hear her musical expertise on SiriusXM’s Symphony Hall channel, as well as on WQXR in New York City, WSHU in Connecticut, WDAV in Charlotte, and WSMR in Tampa.

More recently, Lauren has begun weaving her knowledge of the classical music world with her storytelling expertise.  Now we can pick up one of her novels and enjoy her voice in written form.

Romantic Fiction is her genre, including thrilling erotic stories in her Revierie Trilogy; blending the world of competitive classical music with mystery and passion. Lauren describes them as ‘cross-genre books, part dark romance, part psychological thriller.’ As well as The Symphony Hall Series, offering another view of the musical romance theme. Lauren’s writing draws you into a world behind the music scene crafting storylines that keep you reading; often on the edge of your seat.

Interested in something more erotic? Her Temp/Sub series may be just what you’re looking for. Step into a forbidden world, ‘where people can come to live out their fantasies’. Erotic, yet maybe also intriguing, this fantasy series will keep you wondering, while often asking what, why, and maybe even how.

However, if you want something lighter, her Whiskey Sister series is sweet, amusing and a bit quirky. You’ll be sure to get caught up in the day to day lives of the Whiskey girls as they navigate life and love in their small Minnesota town of Mayhem.  Running a small-town bar with your sisters can be fun, but as Lauren creatively unfolds her characters stories, you’ll get immersed in day-to-day laughs, tears, romance, and even some small-town gossip.

In a short time, Lauren Rico has spread her author wings allowing herself to explore the field of romance, achieving success, an ever-growing fan base, and even some literary awards.  More recently she’s begun a few new projects, creating stories around some interesting themes and topics. Be sure to follow her as she continues to enchant readers with her storytelling. You can sign up for her newsletter, follow her on social media, and check out her website for more information