Surfing with Debra Rose


Montauk Spring Surfing-Let the Games Begin

Surfing in Montauk is for the dedicated. Waking at dawn, parking, putting on that wet-suit, paddling out, and jockeying for position does not even guarantee waves . The competition begins. The crowd in the water and on the beach mushrooms, and soon one hundred of your closest friends are in the line-up. Wave selection becomes paramount to catch a few rides during your session.

Unlike other sports, the field is always moving, there are no set positions, and there is no team. Everyone is out for himself or herself…sort of. The unspoken and often broken ground rules include sharing waves, not dropping in on other surfers, calling out your direction, holding onto your board at all times and not paddling back out directly into the line-up.

The tide, wind, crowd, daylight, and swell are constantly in flux, so embrace what is out of control and soon patterns for catching rides will emerge. Each wave presents a lesson in wave selection and the competition can be fierce. Respecting the rules with good intentions and attitude are the foundation of a fun session. Making mistakes means you are learning, so keep a sense of humor and smile. The season is just beginning.