Doo Wop Concert Rocks Again!

Lou Christie

…by Evelyn J. Mocbeichel…

The sixteenth annual oldies spectacular Doo Wop show again lived up to its reputation of being one of the best nights’s of entertainment on the East End! The Southampton Lions Club Charitable Trust and WLNG radio host the program along with LAR Enterprises. The lineup of famous performers included Lou Christie (“Lightning Strikes and The Gypsy Cried”) The Duprees (“You Belong to Me”, “My Own True Love”, “Have You Heard”), The Quotations, (“Imagination”), The Capris (“There’s A Moon Out Tonight”) and Joey Dee (“Peppermint Twist”). It was a fun night with each act bringing its own robust and special music and humorous banter to the audience. Coming on stage and looking trim in white pants and flashy yellow shirt, Lou Christie didn’t disappoint in his songs, still hitting those falsetto tones (defined as “being able to sing notes beyond the vocal range of the normal modal voice”) that are his signature. Amazingly youthful and handsome in appearance, a few times a woman in the audience called out to let him know it, too, bringing laughter to the audience and a broad smile to Christie. The other acts equally entertained with their memorable tunes and it was practically impossible not to sing along to these classic “golden oldies”.

Each year there is a 50/50 raffle ticket sale before and during the intermission, where the funds raised go to the charitable works the Lions Club participates in throughout the year. When Bob Grisnik, Lion’s Club member and concert organization, called out the winning number another surprise came about. A couple in the audience, also driving to the Southampton concert from Montauk, was the winner! Not only enjoying a fabulous night of musical entertainment, the couple went home with $1,400 as the night’s raffle winners! I’d say that was a perfect ending to a wonderful night! Visit these websites: or for other future shows. Hope to see you at next year’s concert!