Destination Song Quiz

by Evelyn J. Mocbeichel

So I’m driving the car listening to Sirius radio and enjoying the decades of songs available at my fingertips. Depending on my mood, I might feel nostalgic and play music from the 1960’s and 70’s, or jump to another decade. Probably my next favorite decade is the 1980’s, for a different reason. It was when two of our children were in their teens and the house was filled with this music, their friends over and sometimes dancing in the family room. Those were certainly fun days for all of us! Now creeping into the early 90’s music and our youngest had a different blend of her favorites, which some were really good and others, I’d have to ask her to lower the music blaring from her room because I found it annoying. She was a dancer and lead choreographer in high school and college so her musical tastes were eclectic to say the least. She’d play Mozart studying, but switched to totally different music when she was rehearsing a Janet Jackson or Madonna dance routine for a school talent contest. So as I listened the other day to Ricky Nelson’s, Traveling Man classic from 1961, I thought about how many songs with a destination in their title. See how many you remember from the following hints.

1. The classic soul Gladys Knight & the Pips 1973 hit: Midnight Train to __________?

2. Yellow Rose of ________?

3. Tony Bennett’s signature song is I Left My Heart in _____ ______________?

4. No one sings this song better than Patti Page talking about the sand dunes and salty air of Old ______ ________?

5. Glen Campbell sad, but romantic By the Time I Get to ________? This was only one of Campbell’s
destination hits.

6. Campbell’s other song was a Vietnam era song popular between 1965-67. Listen closely to the sad lyrics of this song of a place that begins with the letter G.

7. Of course I can’t leave out my all time favorite, Elvis Presley, and his Blue ________?

8. A 1943 Broadway collaboration, the first musical written by the team of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein was about what state? The title of this play is the same as one of the classic songs of the production.

9. For those readers that remember the TV program, Your Hit Parade, this song stayed on the top of the pop chart for five weeks.  The title was Deep in the Heart of ________?

10. Let’s not forget “Ol Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra’s, signature tune.