Fall Fun in Montauk

December 4, 2018 Ken Giustino 0
by Lorraine Fall brings tradition and fun-filled events each year to Montauk. Three annual happenings bring the spirit of our close-knit community together for both …more

Good News Planet

December 4, 2018 Ken Giustino 0
  Dear Montauk Sun Readers, Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. Montauk is a 12 month a year vacation and residential lifestyle. Montauk is Peace & …more

Color Me Wild

December 4, 2018 Ken Giustino 0
…by Dell Cullum… I recently ran into a friend who was excited to inform me, that he had seen an all black squirrel playing with …more

About Our Cover

December 3, 2018 Ken Giustino 0
  by Ken Giustino This month’s cover, by Dalton Portella, is of the Jetty with model Hailey in a wedding dress…appearing to be an angel …more
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To The Editor…

October 30, 2018 Ken Giustino 0
  Dear Editor, There was undoubtedly a need to stabilize Montauk’s electrical grid, as the site that historically housed the hamlet’s electrical substation on Industrial …more