A Portrait of a Lady

by Patria Baradi Pacis

Eden was a beautiful lady. Her skin was fair, her eyes dark brown. Her black hair was always up in a french twist adorned with satin bows that matched her long dresses, bags and sandals. She wore little make up, pink rouge and lipstick. Her hands and feet were impeccably manicured with matching fuchsia, nail polish.

Eden was only five feet in stature, yet she appeared ten feet tall by the way she carried herself when she walked into a room. Her shyness was often mistaken for her aloofness but when she got to know you better, she won you over with her charming personality and her million dollar smile. Her laughter was infectious.

As a diplomat’s wife, Eden travelled around the world. However, she chose to live in Montauk for her love of nature and for its small town feeling. She was active in the community and wore her Sunday best to church.

Eden was gracious but also straightforward. When asked by friends to taste their cooking, she would answer politely: “It’s okay, but it’s missing something.” Then she would immediately doctor the dish to make it more palatable.

Eden loved musicals such as “The Sound of Music.” She enjoyed action films such as “Mission Impossible.” Her favorite song was “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” She also loved gardening, writing letters, sewing and playing mahjong.

Eden was blessed with good friends and a loving family: four children, five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Eden was my mom. She passed away in her sleep six years ago, just short of one hundred and two.

I miss you Mom, especially on Mother’s Day. I miss your laughter and passion for life. I know someday, we will meet again. Until then, you will always live in my heart.